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Notify Your App Users About New Restaurant

diagram showing geotargeting and notifications

Your restaurant review mobile app is doing great and you would like this trend to continue. Timely delivery of useful information about, for example, new specialty restaurants in different areas of the city, will play a key role in keeping the app users engaged and show them the real value of your services.

One of the possible scenarios for communication with your users: A person leaves two reviews for different vegetarian food places within 90 days. When that person is passing through an area where such a restaurant has just opened, they get a geo-push notification about this new place and its COVID-19 related hours and measures.

We will show you how to use events and geo-targeting to send relevant notifications to users based on their interests.

geotargeting workflow diagram



Before quickly assembling together a couple of communication building blocks on our web interface, you will need to integrate your app with our platform via Mobile SDK.

Afterward, in the People module on our web interface, set up the reviewLeft event that will serve as the communication trigger. Include event property (vegetarian) to specify what kind of food places the user reviewed and select True/False as the property type.

creating event definition

Refer to the Submit Event section in the Mobile SDK documentation to learn how to send this event from your app to our platform. Once you are done with that, every time the user submits the review of the vegetarian restaurant, the Infobip platform will record the event.

Steps Over Web Interface

  1. Log in to our web interface and go to the Moments module. Click CREATE FLOW and Start from Scratch. You are now ready to build your Flow!
  2. As the starting point, select Trigger > People Real-Time Event. In the side panel, set up reviewLeft – this event that you created earlier in this use case will initiate communication with the user. Specify the time and occurrence; for example, the user left 2 reviews in 90 days.

date and time communication trigger

  1. Add Push as a channel of your choice, and then use the side panel to enter the message informing the user that there is a new restaurant featuring local produce and implementing adequate precautionary measures.

sending push based on location

  1. In the side panel, select advanced options to define the geo-area that will become part of this communication. Click Advanced options > Geographic areas > Create Area.

    Every time a user with two vegetarian restaurant reviews enters this area, they will get the notification.

geotargeting restaurant customers

  1. Finally, set the Active Time Window (the monitored time for the area): clear All day check box and choose the timeframe. Let`s say that the place is open every day from 10 am to 8 pm and you want the notifications to be sent only during the restaurant work hours.

active time window for sending push notifications

  1. VALIDATE your communication flow and LAUNCH!


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