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Offer Seamless Delivery Experience

Use cases - Offer Seamless Food Delivery Experience high-level overview

Devices that are used in restaurants or other merchants must be connected to the network at all times, usually Wi-Fi – which is not always the most reliable option.
Broadband wireless internet connectivity via multi IMSI SIM cards would comply with the demand for avoiding network outages and having control over the location history of those SIM cards.

Each global SIM inserted in those devices and offered by Infobip has an International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) that identifies the default mobile network operator and the individual device. When outside of the default cellular network, a conventional SIM switches into roaming mode.
Bear in mind that it’s crucial to remove bottlenecks on data network when large fix emergency device configurations are in the works.

Multi IMSI SIMs may either be configured to use a domestic network once deployed in their final destination or change network identity dynamically depending on location or coverage. Only one SIM is active until it fails to connect to the network, then another one in the line is used (based on the assigned batch of IMSIs per SIM). All others are inactive until the default IMSI related to the SIM fails to connect.

This use case shows you how to help diminish any possible delays between the cloud to the device placed in the restaurant using a reliable IoT connectivity solution.
To create an immediate and a more reliable response when grocery delivery requests are made, make sure that your POS terminal is constantly connected and that it uses the network with the strongest signal.


The preliminary requirement of each IoT deployment is to be feasible in enabling your existing assets - in this case the mobile POS terminals.

Process Workflow

Use cases - Offer Seamless Food Delivery Experience process workflow


A SIM card ordered, received, and inserted into device with active data traffic. For new customers - please reach out to your dedicated Account Manager to discuss your demand of SIM cards in terms of the use case, data consumption demands, type of connectivity and to open your account to have access to API. For existing customers (with Infobip account) we offer the ability to order SIM cards on your own via Infobip web interface.


Steps over API

  1. Use automated ordering process over API or contact your Account Manager to order a desired number of SIMs in a specified format, set the data limits, and specify the delivery address. 

  2. Activate the SIM card via the Activation IoT API

Request example:

PUT /iot/2/sims/8981100022152967721/status 

{  "status": "Active/Suspended"}

Response example:

200 OK  

{      "actionId": "f597d319-de5c-4524-9378-e95478b58dad"}
  1. Insert the SIM card in the mobile POS terminal in the restaurant and start using it.

  2. Check the data usage for the SIM card for the current month. You will receive an alert that the monthly data usage limit has been reached.

Request example:

GET /iot/2/sims/8981100022152967721/usage

Response example:

    "iccid": "8981100022152967721",
     "receivedSmsCount": null,
     "sentSmsCount": null,
     "usedDataBytes": 27199488,
     "receivedCallsCount": null, 
    "sentCallsCount": null
  1. Make sure that the order is delivered to the POS terminal in the shortest time-frame so the restaurant could react in time as well. A user wrote a concrete delivery request: on-demand delivery merchant pushing delivery order towards the device through its own cloud which is received from the user's app.

  2. Use the Get email notification for specific SIM card API method to receive email notifications for a specific SIM card when the predefined mobile data limit has been reached. The SIM card for which you would like to have data alert notification needs to be associated with your account. There is only one mandatory parameter that you need to use in this request - make sure to enter the exact ICCID of the SIM card (that you want to get the notification for) in the API request path.

Request example:

   • "iccid": "8944501704188849000",
   • "limit": 500

Response example:

200 OK

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