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Send Order Confirmation Automated Messages

RCS Order confirmation high-level overview

A way to notify your customers after they’ve made a certain action or purchase is one way for you to build relationships with your customers.
Such messages should be short, informative, and to the point. They should also be sent as soon as the purchase is completed. Sending these messages using Infobip RCS solution improves customer experience.

RCS functionalities make it easy for companies to create app-like experiences within a native mobile messaging application. Brands can take customer experience to the next level and build a deeper emotional connection with their customers by interacting through all stages of the customer journey. One way to do this is to automatize business processes by creating two-way communication flows to send automated messages after a customer makes an online purchase.

This use case shows how to use Moments and RCS to build a 2-way communication flow so customers can be informed after they’ve made a purchase.

Use RCS to add interactive buttons and choose what actions you want to offer your customers. For example, contact your Customer Support to change the time of delivery or arrange other details regarding their purchase. What’s great about this communication, is that you can see whether the initial message you’ve sent was read by the customer, as well as how they proceeded after reading your message.

Process Workflow

RCS order confirmation process workflow


Steps over Web Interface

  1. Log in to the web interface, navigate to the Moments module > CREATE FLOW > Start from Scratch > Flow API > START BUILDING.
    Since Flow API is your starting point, you can automatically add customers to the flow based on external triggers such as (e.g., using your website form).

  2. Use the unique link from Flow API to connect the form on your website to our platform. Use these methods to connect Flow API based on external triggers.

  3. Then name your campaign.

  4. Add the Send RCS message element, select the sender and compose your content. For the type of content choose Card. Add suggestions such as call-to-action to suggest next steps and lead your end users.

    For example:
    (card content) “ORDER CONFIRMATION - Hello {First Name}, your order is being processed right now! Thank you for purchasing from us!”
    (suggestions): „Contact Customer support“ or „Check more offers“

Add Send RCS message element for order confirmation use case

Click CLOSE when finished.

  1. Add the Evaluate inbound RCS element and define your conditions.  For example, IF Keyword is clickWebsite. Click CLOSE when finished.

Evaluate inbound element RCS

  1. Next to the RCS Keyword is clickWebsite add the Send RCS message element. Select a sender and enter your content. For example: Thank you for shopping wih us! Hope you are satisfied with our service.“ Click CLOSE when finished.

  2. Click VALIDATE, then LAUNCH NOW.

Here's how the entire flow should look like:

Order confirmation - 2-way flow


Track the number of clicks for each step in the flow by adding the Add Tag element. Connect it to the RCS keyword you defined in the Evaluate Inbound element. Afterwards, navigate to the Analyze module to view these analytics.

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