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Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store

MAM use case - Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store - high-level overview

Knowing that consumers always take their mobile devices wherever they go opens up new opportunities for retention and re-engagement using rich push notifications.

Combining segmentation with geo-fencing is a very effective way to re-engage loyal customers who are passing near your store, especially if there is a special offer suited to their preferences.

Suppose the autumn/winter season is ending, and you would like to give an additional discount for the women's collection, but only for those with a membership card. Create a rule which sends special offers only to women who own a membership card.

This use case will show how to create a simple geo-targeting flow on Infobip web interface.


In order to send geofencing notifications, geofencing service needs to be enabled.

Process Workflow

MAM use case - Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store - process workflow


Steps over web interface

1. Login to Infobip web interface using provided credentials (username and password)

2. Inside the People Module your target person should be configured like this.

MAM use case - Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store - target person

3. Create Segmentation rule to target only people of female gender with attribute value membershipCard.

MAM use case - Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store - create segmentation rule


Besides Standard and Custom Attributes, you can also use tags for segmentation rule.

4. Send push notification to the specified audience by creating a new flow from scratch. As flow entry point choose One-time audience and pick the previously created segment.

5. Enter push message Title and Content.

MAM use case - Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store - send push message

6. Under Advanced options specify image URL and send the push message with rich content.

MAM use case - Re-Engage Loyal Customers near Your Store - specify image url

7. Select Geographic areas option. Click on Create area and type the address. After you have selected the desired area, Enter Area Name.

8. In order not to spam your consumers, specify the active time window in which the message will be sent, e.g. avoid sending push notification when the store is not open or on Sundays.

9. Click the VALIDATE button and if everything is fine, LAUNCH your campaign.


You can also define Recurring options depending on the use case. Multiple entry can be useful in case the campaign lasts longer and you want to notify your consumers every time they enter the predefined area. In this case you can prevent spamming the user by using minimum interval. During minimum interval the user will not receive notifications (it can be defined in minutes, hours, or days).

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