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Send Reminders for Promos via 2 Channels

Special reminders for future or ongoing promo can easily increase online web store visitors and online orders numbers. Personalized notification can be sent before the sale with link to the details, a special reminder can be sent when the sale starts and the last reminder can be sent on the final sale day providing strong customer engagement and attention keeping effect. Use the Flow to easily start a targeted promo campaign with failover and insight reports.

This use case will show you how to create a promo campaign with consistent reminders to your end users about upcoming sales via preferred channels and check the report on how the communication performed.

Process Workflow


Steps over Web Interface

1. Log in to the Infobip web interface, navigate to the Communicate module > CREATE FLOW Start from Scratch.

2. Select One-time audience and click START BUILDING.

3. Name your campaign.


To start communicating with your customers over Viber, you must obtain and store their opt-ins.

4. Select your audience by selecting recipients (who should receive this promo reminder)

5. Click the arrow and add the Failover element.

6. Select Viber as your channel and then click the Viber tile to define your message. Fill in the following:

  • From – select the sender
  • Content – enter your promo message text

For example: “Ready for our big SPRING SALE WEEKEND? We start this Friday with up to 50% off on our latest collection. Happy shopping!”

For a more personal approach, use variables such as the subscriber`s city.

Click Show Advanced options to add rich content (e.g., image and a button with the URL to your website).

Check the PROMOTIONAL check box to flag your message as promotional traffic.

Set the VALIDITY PERIOD for 2 hours. 

Click Back when finished.

7. Select SMS as second failover channel. This means an SMS will be sent if Viber message is not delivered within 2 hours.

Click Show Advanced options to put a link to your website in the message text and check the Track URL clicks check box.

8. Click the arrow and add the Pause element. Set the PAUSE DURATION for a few days.

9. Click the arrow and add the Failover element and repeat step 6 and step 7 but change the message content and announce the start of the sale.

10. Click the arrow and add the Pause element. Set the pause duration for a few days (Optional.)

11. Click the arrow and add the Failover element, then repeat step 6 and step 7 but change your message content to remind the customers about the last day of the sale.

12. Click VALIDATE.

13. If you did everything correctly, you should see the summary screen. Click LAUNCH NOW to execute the campaign.

Here’s how this entire Flow looks like:

You can see the report on how the communication performed and URL-clicks metric statistics if you navigate to Analyze > REPORTS.

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