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Welcome to the Infobip Developer Hub from Zadar, where we’re just setting up the largest developer event in Southeastern Europe taking place September 19th and 20th – that’s… today!

The 20-Second Overview

The Developer Hub has been a long time coming. It’s going to be the central place where engineers from organizations like Uber, Airbnb, and Google – and yours – can get all the tools and information needed to build great products using our communication APIs, such as  SMS, email, and WhatsApp. 

We’ve tried to make the Hub as straightforward as possible:

  • The API and SDKs area have prime web real estate, as they should;
  • We’re working to make our Docs – which will be available soon – as friendly as possible, with examples that will make your job as easy as possible;
  • The Community is where we’ll get in touch, from jumping on Slack to meeting at the previously mentioned Infobip Shift conferences or the many developer events we attend.

But… who are ‘we’, you ask? Good question and one we can’t answer over our API. Ok, maybe we could send an SMS or a WhatsApp message, but that’s beside the point.

Who Are We?

The Infobip geeks that you’ll be communicating with at conferences or over Twitter are made of a number of our teams. While you don’t need to know the details, we do want you to know some of the faces you’ll come acrossin the future:

  • The Global events team core is based on our Infobip Shift conference team and runs worldwide, as well as our US-based API meetups you might have attended alongside companies like Postman. It’s run by a smart, agile team! Interestingly enough, our entire department is led by CDXO Ivan Burazin, who founded Shift a decade ago!
  • If you’re not attending Shift (shame!), but WeAreDevelopers or the upcoming KubeCon then you’ll be talking to our Developer relations team led by Julia Biro, known in the community as ½ of the Developer Avocados. Her team will also be in touch with you over Slack and Twitter while not improving our SDKs and APIs;
  • For the startups out there, you’ll probably want to be part of our Startup Tribe program for early stage tech companies, led by Nikola Pavešić who you might bump into in Tokyo, on one of its many rugby pitches.
  • As for blog posts like these and developer content created by our colleagues in Infobip’s Engineering led by Izabel Jelenić and Damir Prusac, our dedicated Developer content team will have their fingers all over it. That team is led by me, IBB, and is based on the experienced journalists from Netokracija

This is a really, really high level overview of all the geeks and teams you might interact with at the Developer Hub, communities, and events. 

Now Back To Me, The Blog

Getting back to the essentials – and this developer blog – you can expect regular content that we hope will make it easier to work with Infobip’s SDKs and APIs. 

To start, here are a couple of tutorials you can get started with today:

It won’t just be tutorials, but also use cases as well as useful information from the previously mentioned events we regularly attend. Feel free to suggest the content you’d love to see on the blog as well as the Hub in the comments or on Twitter!

We’re Just Getting Started 

A lot of you have used Infobip’s products or attended Infobip Shift for years – so hopefully you feel right at home at the new Developer Hub. 

Let’s get started talking on Twitter or our community Slack!

P.S. If you’re at Infobip Shift, come and say hi to our team at the Infobip booth! We’d love to chat!

Thanks to my colleagues Julia, Tena, Ivan, and Joanna for helping prepare this post.