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Welcome the New Mobile Application User

Mobile App Messaging - welcome new mobile app user use case

Sending push notification to welcome your new end user and introducing yourself is essential for building long-lasting business relations with the audience and setting tone for your application.

While positively affecting the app retention (according to different researches, less than 25% continue to use the mobile app after the first launch) welcome push notifications can help you with:

  • Demonstrating the value, the end-user can get from the app
  • Showcase the steps needed to go with the app
  • Encourage the conversion
  • Demonstrating the value of push notifications themselves and ask for opt-in for notifications

This use case shows you how to build a Flow to trigger the welcome push notification for the end user who just installed the app using standard Mobile App Messaging events.

Process Workflow

Mobile App Messaging - welcome new mobile app user diagram



Before you start tracking events in this use case, you will need to visit Events to set up Mobile SDK. After you are all done with that initial step, proceed to create your Flow!

Steps over Web Interface

  1. Log in to the web interface. Go to the Moments module > CREATE FLOW > Start from Scratch. Select Trigger and click People Real-Time Event.
  2. Next, select Install as the end-user action that will start the flow.

Install has been provided as a standard (default) event for all mobile users, and there is no need to set it up separately.

Configure the Wait for event section for Install use case

  1. Add the Pause element and set it for 10 seconds.

Add the pause element for the install use case

  1. Add the Send Push notification element and define the message content.

Define the message content for install use case

  1. Under Advanced options, define the image URL to make your push notification more appealing. When finished, click CLOSE.

Define the advanced options for this use case - welcome new app users

  1. Here’s how the entire flow should look like. Now, to send your message, click VALIDATE, and then LAUNCH NOW.

Entire flow - welcome new app users

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