The Moments customer engagement hub is about sending out relevant content derived from important customer information, their interests, and activities. 

When you sign up for Moments, you automatically get access to People, our customer data platform, where your customer profiles will be stored. You will be ready to send fully tailored notifications, reminders, promotional content, and more, in no time.  But, first, check out the basics in this section, and then let`s get you started! 


Visual Builder

A codeless, drag-and-drop tool, Flow allows you to design communication using different channels, time settings, segmented audiences, goals and metrics, and much more.

Omnichannel Capabilities

Multiple channels, one communication flow. Use SMS, Voice, Email, Mobile App Messaging, WhatsApp, Viber to create interaction for any business scenario.

Behavior-Based Communication

Trigger specific messages and steer the entire communication depending on customer activity.

Inbound Message Flows

Create a dynamic communication that relies on specific end-user responses.

Time Triggered Messages

There are special dates, important dates, due dates, and other significant moments. Use any of them to plan and implement relevant interactions with customers.


Measure the conversions every step of the way and adjust your settings and building blocks accordingly, or even pretest the communication using the audience segments or analyzing the funnel.

Connection Between Systems

Integrations are possible via Call API. You can request the information from your system or database and save responses to Flow to help you design the conversation based on that information.

Available Channels

 SMS   Viber   Email rcs in saasRCS
 Mobile App Messaging   WhatsApp   Voice Messenger

Check out all the Flow elements that can be combined with communication channels.