Broadcast is a communication tool that offers businesses and organizations a way to send large-scale, personalized messages to their audience across various channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, email, push notifications, and more. It is designed to facilitate efficient and targeted communication, enabling businesses to engage with their customers, clients, or users effectively.

Available channels


One-way messages

Quickly send one-way messages without end-user feedback.

Sending messages from a file

Upload a file with destinations, message content, and other data to avoid having to select your audience and create content manually.


Create a broadcast template so you don't have to create new broadcasts from scratch each time.


Use placeholders to personalize your messages and tailor them for each of your customers.

Validity period

If messages are not delivered during the validity period, the system tries to resend them. The default validity period is 48 hours.

Message sending speed

The number of messages that will be sent, per time unit.

Delivery reports over API pull

Fetch delivery reports over API.

Data payload

Send additional data (unreadable for recipients) along with messages.


Set time and date when you want broadcasts to be sent.

Delivery time window

Set a period within which your messages will be sent and delivered.


Get a details for launched broadcasts such as recipients, traffic, cost, delivery rates, completion, etc.

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