Broadcast is a fast and easy way to send one-way messages over various channels using one visual interface. The available communication channels over Broadcast are SMS, Email, Voice and Push. What`s more, to ensure that your audience has valid phone numbers and emails, you can check them via Number Lookup and Email Validation. This will reduce your costs and increase communication performance, enabling you to send messages only to valid numbers and recipients.


To use the Infobip platform, you need credentials. If you already have an Infobip account, log in to our web interface. Otherwise, see how to create account.

Available channels

Broadcast - available channels - SMS  SMS Broadcast - available channels - Number Lookup  Number Lookup WhatsApp logoWhatsApp Broadcast - available channels - Email  Email
Broadcast - available channels - Email validation  Email Validation Broadcast - available channels - Mobile app messaging  Mobile App Messaging Broadcast - available channels - Voice  Voice


One-Way Messages

The ability to quickly send one-way messages without end-user feedback.

Multiple Channels

Broadcast can be sent over the SMS, Email, Push, Voice, and Number Lookup channels.

Sending Messages From a File

Upload a file with the destinations, messages and other broadcast-related data and avoid the process of audience setup and message typing. This is not available for Push.


Save a broadcast as a template to reduce content creation time for similar broadcasts in the future.


By using placeholders, each message can be automatically personalized to look like it’s been created for each individual recipient.

Validity Period

If your message is not delivered during this period, the system will try to resend it. The default period is 48 hours.

Message Sending Speed

The number of messages that will be sent, per time unit.

Delivery Reports over API Pull

The ability to fetch delivery reports over API.

Data Payload

Sending additional data (unreadable for recipients) along with the messages.


Date and time when the broadcast will be sent.

Delivery Time Window

The period during which the messages will be sent.


Details of launched broadcasts such as recipients, traffic, cost, delivery rates, completion, etc.