Create a broadcast

Create a Broadcast

To create a Broadcast from scratch, follow these steps:

  1. Log in (opens in a new tab) to Infobip.

  2. Navigate to Moments > Broadcasts (or Campaigns > Broadcasts, if you do not have Moments activated).

    Broadcast - with Moments
  3. Choose a channel.

    Broadcast - Create
  4. Choose the recipients, select the sender, and enter your message.

  5. Specify the desired date and time for the campaign.

  6. Adjust the tracking options.

  7. Optimize the sending speed and validity period.

  8. Name your draft, save it, and continue to the preview.

  9. Check all the information and launch your Broadcast.

    Broadcast - Launch

Broadcast templates

Create Broadcast templates to reduce repetitive work.

There are two ways to create templates:

  1. While creating a Broadcast, select Save template at the bottom of the page.

    Broadcast - Save template
  2. The other option is to go to Moments > Templates > Create template (or Campaigns > Templates > Create template, if you do not have Moments activated).

    Broadcast - with Moments template

*All templates are saved in Moments > Templates. Each template has an icon showing the tags, channel, name, and the number of communications that use it. You can duplicate, edit, or delete a template, and create new Broadcasts from it.

Add failover to SMS

Failovers allow you to set up a backup communication method if the primary method fails. In Broadcast, you can enable failover to SMS so that the end user receives text messages if the first method of contact bounces.

You can use SMS failover with Viber, RCS, and Zalo Broadcasts.

Failover to SMS enablement is done during the creation of a Broadcast. Follow the steps below to enable it:

  1. When creating a new Broadcast, scroll down to the Failover to SMS section on the create screen and use the toggle to enable it.

  2. Set up the failover parameters. Note that the failover in Broadcast only offers the option to failover to SMS, unlike in Flow, where you can failover to multiple channels.

  3. Set the sender for the failover SMS and provide the message to be sent, including any unique identifiers and placeholders in the body content.

  4. Once you click Continue to preview, use the Failover view in the editor to preview how the failover SMS will appear to end users on their mobile devices.

    Broadcast - Viber

Personalize messages with placeholders

You can personalize your messages using placeholders, regardless of the channel. To do so, you can choose any number of placeholders.


Placeholder values are derived from each person's People profile. If there is no existing value, an empty space will be displayed instead. Placeholders can include default ones, such as first and last names, but you can also define custom attributes as needed for your business case. This can be configured in People > Configuration > Person custom attributes.

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