The Messages component enables you to reuse messages in multiple communications. Instead of creating separate similar messages for each communication, you can create a single message and use it multiple times.

You can reuse a message as follows:

  • In multiple sections of the same communication.
  • In multiple communications.

There is no limit to the number of messages that you can create.

You can update a message in an active communication without having to duplicate the communication or create a new version. When you edit a message, it is automatically updated in all the communications in which it is used, even if a communication is active.

Each message that you create is specific to a channel. Example: You can create a message for Email or RCS.

The following are examples of situations when you can reuse messages.

  • When communications have different logic and segments, but need to send the same message to end users. Example: There is a nurturing flow for new leads and a flow for leads with 2 years inactivity, and both flows use the same message.
  • When two communications are used for cross selling and need to send the same message.
  • When you duplicate a communication or create a new version each week for a weekly newsletter, but want to send the same introductory message each time.
  • When you want to resend a message because there was no reaction from the target audience when you sent the message earlier.


Create once, use multiple times

Use the same message in multiple parts of the same communication or in multiple communications.

Single interface for all messages

Create, view, and manage all your messages across all your communications by using a single interface.

Edit messages in active communications

When you edit a message, it is automatically updated in all the communications in which it is used, even if the communications are active.

Personalize messages

Personalize messages by using variables as placeholders.

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