RCS display on phone

Rich Communication Services (RCS) is a new, visually appealing messaging channel that offers rich functionalities to enable more engaging customer journeys.

RCS is sometimes referred to as the “SMS 2.0”. It takes everything users and companies already love about SMS—100% reach, reliability, ease of use, security—and builds on this to create an even better method of communication.

Through a rich feature set that allows the creation of branded messages incorporating multimedia, suggested reply buttons, barcode delivery, click-through options and more, brands now have a new way to develop relationships through two-way communication.

What’s more, this ability comes natively to customer phones, not as individual apps that must be downloaded. In other words, as more native apps come pre-installed on the next-generation smartphones without requiring activation or authorization, RCS adoption will increase.

As RCS is not a completely new communication channel, but rather the evolution of an existing one, the SMS, the progression to it is seamless. According to research by GSMA, monthly active users of RCS have already surpassed 215 million, and by the year 2021, the total market value of RCS services is expected to reach $74 billion.

Note that RCS also includes fallback to SMS, providing a universal messaging ecosystem in which it’s possible to send a message to any user if they have a mobile phone number. This is important during the transition phase from SMS to RCS, when not every user will have a phone enabled with the RCS native app.

In accordance with the Universal Profile established by the GSMA, all new devices will contain one native messaging app that will support RCS, thus replacing SMS completely. However, in communications where one phone is RCS-enabled and another isn’t, messages will default to SMS.

To activate a channel, contact your Account manager or reach out to us via the contact form.


To use the Infobip platform, you need credentials. If you already have an Infobip account, log in to our web interface. Otherwise, create an account.


Verified Sender

With RCS, communications can be branded. You can use your company name, logo, and colors to brand your messages and keep them aligned with the rest of your marketing efforts. This makes your messages more visually appealing and something customers are likely to notice, as seeing their favorite brands right there on the screen incites greater trust in the message.

Rich Features

Rich features make it easy for companies to create app-like experiences within a native mobile messaging application. This allows brands to create a more memorable experience and build a deeper emotional connection with customers by using rich media, location functionalities, configurable buttons, and URLs.

Suggested Replies and Actions

Create fast interaction between yourself and your customers by using buttons for suggested replies and actions.



Measure Results

Know when messages are sent, delivered, and seen. Track the way your user reacts to messages to gain actionable insights and refine your messaging strategy using status delivery and message seen reports to further optimize conversations



Feedback Option

Ensure maximum audience reach by enabling automatic failover to SMS or other channels.




Trustworthy Channel

According to the Universal Profile standard, all senders need to be registered and verified by the RCS service provider assuring authentication, fraud prevention and reliable communication for brands and their customers.