Rich communication services (RCS) is an A2P messaging service that offers rich functionality and customization in addition to the features offered by SMS and MMS. RCS (also called RCS Business Messaging or RBM) enables you to send branded messages that contain multimedia, buttons, barcodes, call to action, and more.

RCS uses carriers to send messages.

RCS Overview

The Universal Profile established by the GSMA states that all new communication devices must contain a native messaging app that supports RCS. End users who have a compatible device should not need to install a new application to receive RCS messages.

Use fallback channels to deliver RCS communication to devices that do not support RCS.


Rich features

Send messages in formats that SMS and MMS do not offer. Use rich media, location functionality, configurable buttons, and URLs to create an app-like experience.

Suggested replies and actions

Use buttons for suggested replies and actions.


Enable recipients to respond through SMS.


Use fallback channels to deliver messages to devices that do not support RCS.

Measure results

Identify when messages are sent, delivered, and seen. Track the end user's reaction to your message.

Verified sender

Register your sender and get it verified by RCS technology providers to ensure authentication, fraud prevention, and reliable communication.

Available solutions

Technical specifications

Integrate your RCS solution over the Infobip API or the Infobip web interface.

Infobip has partnerships with RCS technology providers that provide the necessary software to mobile network operators (MNOs). MNOs that support RCS have an integrated Messaging as a Platform (MaaP) component that enables businesses to reach customers through APIs, senders, and artificial intelligence (AI).

When you use an Infobip solution to send a message, the solution routes the message to the appropriate RCS technology provider. The RCS technology provider uses the customer's MNO to deliver the message to the customer's mobile device.

RCS technical specifications

RCS is supported only by the Android operating system. To communicate with devices that use other operating systems, you must set up a fallback channel.

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