The contact center solution which allows you to engage in conversations with your customers over multiple channels.
Our solution is available either as a web interface or over HTTP API, with the following functionality:

  • 2-Way messaging
  • Conversation threading
  • Conversation management: queue and routing management, agent assignment, resolution management, history overview

The solution includes automated conversations over Chatbots and Flow builder with IVR, broadcast messaging, and customer segmentation. For more details on the automated communication journeys, refer to Flow management.
To learn how to connect a customer to the agent using an automated flow, see Infobip Flow-to-agent and Bot-to-agent. Detailed insight into customer management and segmentation is available over People and People API.

Conversation is a thread or container for messages exchanged between the customer and the agent.

Message is either an inbound or outbound message exchanged between an agent and a customer within one conversation.

Available Channels

Conversations - available channel - SMS SMS Conversations - available channel - WhatsApp  WhatsApp Conversations - available channel - Viber  Viber Conversations - available channel - Facebook MessengerMessenger
Conversations - available channel - Voice and Video Voice and Video Conversations - Channels - LINE icon LINE Conversations - Channels - RCS icon RCS

Conversations - Channels - Live Chat icon Live Chat

Conversations - available channel - TelegramTelegram Conversations - Available channel - Google Business MessagingGoogle Business Messages    


Omnichannel conversations

Manage contextual conversations across your customers' preferred channels shown in the table above.

Unified workspace

One workspace to manage all conversational messaging.

User roles

Set up Supervisor and Agent roles and permissions.

Inbound & Outbound conversations

Receive inbound messages from customers, assign to agents, and reply with ease. Start a new conversation with a customer on any channel.

History & Merging Conversations

Easily continue the conversation without asking customers to repeat themselves. Get insight into full conversation history and customer records. Also, select and merge different conversations on the same topic with the same customer.

Customer & Agent management

Preview and manage customer data directly from the conversation interface. Organize your contact center teams by assigning the most knowledgeable agents to specific queues to manage conversations in a timely manner.


Add tags to conversations to categorize them based on topic, product, service, or any other category.


Use Answers to create bots and automate instant answers to FAQ while agents focus on resolving more complex inquiries. Easily transfer customers from a bot to a real agent.

Queues & Routing

Set up conditions to follow business rules to sort messages into an adequate queue for the most effective resolution of customer inquiries.

Performance analytics

Monitor performance and adjust your contact center setup based on the workload and specific topics.  Track how your agents utilize their working time through occupancy and engagement rates. Check agent performance and plan for trainings on the spot for most urgent skill gaps. Safeguard customer satisfaction through automated Sentiment analysis.