Live Chat

Live Chat widget example previewOne of the critical factors for high-quality support to stay in touch with customers during their experience with your services.

Live Chat product offers real-time chat communication with customers on your website or through your mobile app.

44% of customers using online services find that having a live conversation on the website or in mobile app is one of most important features to get support and assistance. Using Live Chat, customers can request immediate assistance while browsing your website or using your mobile app.

Live Chat is integral part of Conversations and can be used with API to connect to your system as well.

Here’s what Live Chat includes:

  • Widgets configuration – It’s part of the Infobip web interface to configure behavior and layout of widgets on your website and mobile application. Widgets can be configured for both the website and mobile app.
  • Web widget – Chat interface on your website where your customers can initiate a conversation.
  • In-app widget – Chat interface for your mobile application. Customers using your mobile appcan initiate a conversation. In-app widget is a component of Mobile Messaging SDK(coming soon).
  • Routing – Used to set rules for customer requests based on widget parameters or the customer profile. For example,you can set a route that will flag all VIP customers as high priority queue.
  • Conversations – Infobip solution for agents to interact with customers.
  • People – A section where customer profiles are stored. Through this module, agents can identify customers who logged in to your website. Additionally, through People, you can collect specific behavioral data for engagement purposes.

Customers visiting your website or using the mobile app can be classified into two types:

Anonymous Visitor – An unidentified customer. It can be an existing customer or a potential customer who opens the chat widget and starts a conversation.

Authenticated customers – A customer who has logged in at your website or mobile application and can be identified as your customer within your information system.


Real-Time Chat

Chat with your customers in real time on your website or through your mobile app message. This way customers can always stay up-to-date whether the agent received their message and started working on the request.

Customizable Widget

Style and edit your widget to fit your branding and provide the best customer experience. Create several widgets on your account.

Configure Widgets

Define how your widget will be displayed on your website. The widget can be displayed throughout the entire website or on specific pages; visible to all website visitors or just authenticated customers.

Rich Media Content

Use rich media content while live chatting with your customers such as images, videos, documents, and guides.

Chat History

Track the entire conversation history with your customers (via website or mobile app). Conversations are stored in a central location and offer a unified view.

Website and Mobile App Communication

Switch between website and mobile app conversation.

Customers can start a conversation on your website and then continue chatting through the mobile app by receiving a push notification.