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Last update March 30, 2022

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Apps & IntegrationsWe are releasing or enhancing 11 integrations so that you can further extend the value of your customer data into the Infobip products that you use.
AnswersTwitter direct message enabled.
Product messages for WhatsApp general availability.
ConversationsImprovements in SLA times calculation and a new Workflows trigger.
Email improvements.
New channels supported in the mobile app.
Live ChatStopping support for new features for Internet Explorer 11 in Live Chat.
MomentsMove users between Flows with Modular Flows
PeopleSet tags during People import
TelegramDetails of individual senders in group chats are now available.
TwitterTwitter Direct Messages is now available in Answers.
WhatsAppIdentity change is now available.

Apps & Integrations


Twitter direct messaging now available

Support for Twitter direct messaging has been added to Answers. You can now set up chatbots to chat with users directly through Twitter chat!

When creating a new chatbot select Twitter direct messaging from the channel selector. Note however you need to have the Conversations solution enabled to use this channel in Answers.

Product messages enabled for WhatsApp

Single and multi product messages are now available for WhatsApp chatbots. This means you can now link your WhatsApp business account Meta catalogs to Infobip and start sending product messages to users.


Digital Channels - Email

We have simplified the Email UX when composing a new message that agents will send to customers. The latest email is now shown at the top, whereas you can find older threads if you click on the arrow next to the three-dot menu on the right side of the email window.

Also, you can save drafts for forwarded emails (previously, you could only save drafts for replies).

Supervisor Experience

Service-Level Agreement Working Hours

We have brought forth improvements regarding SLA times calculation during the out-of-working hours. Previously, this feature couldn't be used by clients who needed to provide support within a specific time period defined by the SLA and only during working hours. The key benefit here is that SLAs will be calculated correctly for those clients who take only working hours into consideration.

Learn more about how to set up SLA.


We have added a new trigger in event-based workflows, which recognizes an event where an agent changes a channel during a conversation with the customer. It could be that the conversation had started via Live Chat but the agent cannot resolve the issue right away, and they want to continue over Email, thus prompting the change and triggering the automation.

Note that this trigger can be combined with any of the existing actions and conditions.

Mobile App

Conversations mobile app now supports additional channels:

  • Viber Bots
  • KakaoSangdam
  • Instagram Direct Messaging

Learn more about the Conversations mobile app.

There are also some other minor improvements that should help make agents' work a little bit easier:

  • Attachments support in internal notes
  • The camera can be used to attach images
  • Agent’s avatar is now displayed instead of initials

Check out how agents can use the mobile app.

Live Chat - Important Information

Please note that from March, we have stopped support for Internet Explorer 11 for any new features in Live Chat. All maintenance for this browser will stop end of June 2022. The reason behind this is Microsoft's decision to shut down the browser in June.


Move Users between Flows with Modular Flows

We've introduced Modular Flows to enable you to move users effortlessly between different Flows.

There are many benefits of using Modular Flows rather than large, complex flows. Get started today by using the Existing Flow entry point and Add to Flow element.


Set Tags during People Import

The People import process has been enhanced to allow you to define the tags you want to apply to the import process rather than using the default system tag. Take a look at Use Files to learn more.


Identify Individual User in Group Chat

You can now obtain the details of each user who sends a message in a group chat.

Twitter Direct Messages

Twitter Direct Messages is Available in Answers

You can now use Twitter Direct Messages in Answers. Build artificial intelligence and keyword-based chatbots and provide round-the-clock support to customers. For more information, refer to the Twitter Direct Messages and Answers documentation.


Identity Change is now Available

You can now opt to receive a notification when an end user's WhatsApp account (MSISDN) is transferred to a different user. Thus, you can avoid sending sensitive information to the wrong user.

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