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Last update February 23, 2022

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ConversationsNew content types for WhatsApp and Instagram Messaging in Conversations.
Shared Features and ComponentsKnowledge Base: Introducing Public Content. More info in its dedicated section below.
AnswersProduct messages added for WhatsApp.
More elements supported for Instagram.
Apple Messages for BusinessMessages for Business user and event information is now available in People.
WhatsAppYou can define endpoints within the API request to receive delivery reports.
Change announcement: Information about the entry point of the inbound message will be available in a future release.
Live ChatSee which file types are supported over Live Chat.


Digital Channels

Generic Template Content Type for Instagram Messaging in Conversations

New content type available in Instagram Messaging in Conversations!

You can use generic messages both through the web interface and also via Conversations API. Use interactiveGeneric Template to engage your customers in a more intuitive fashion. Your agents can see the preview of customers' responses in the agent panel. These carousel types must contain at least one card but a maximum of 10 cards.

WhatsApp Product Messages Content Type in Conversations

Also, new content types are now available in WhatsApp in Conversations. Use Product Messages to engage customers and create a better shopping experience for your customers where you can present one or more products from your product catalog. These elements do not support payments or deliveries so these steps need to be handled separately for the end-to-end shopping experience to be completed successfully. You also need to have your WhatsApp for Business account connected to maintain the product catalog, as this will not be possible via the product messages element.

Live Chat

Check out which file types agents and customers can send over Live Chat.

Knowledge Base

Public Content

With the Forest release, we are simplifying information sharing between agents and customers. Therefore, we have added an option to have part of the content available through a publicly accessible URL.

Agents can share the link to the respective article or manual with their customers.

Public articles also support simple design customizations, such as defining your own logo or color used on a page in the Knowledge Base.


Product messages enabled for WhatsApp

Single and multi product messages are now available for WhatsApp chatbots. This means you can now link your WhatsApp business account Meta catalogs to Infobip and start sending product messages to users.

New elements for Instagram Messaging

Rich card and carousel messages are now available for use for Instagram Messaging chatbots. Two-way sticker sends and receives is now possible.

New Apps & Integrations

We have added many new apps for this release!

  • ServiceNow—Two-way Messaging with SMS. Lets your ServiceNow customer service agents engage in conversations with customers via two-way SMS. For details see the guide.
  • Viber for Freshdesk Messaging. Improve your customer experience by letting customer service agents communicate via Infobip Viber. For details see the guide.

Apple Messages for Business

Messages for Business User and Event Information is Available in People

In People, you can now view information about the users of your Messages for Business channel and the channel events associated with these users.

  • Message sent
  • Conversation closed
  • Apple Pay request successful
  • OAuth request successful


Define Endpoint within API Request for Delivery Reports

To receive delivery reports, you can now define the endpoint within the API request of a specific message. If you do not define this endpoint, the reports are forwarded to the endpoint that is defined at the account-level on the platform.

Change Announcement: Information about Entry Point of the Inbound Message

In a future release, the Infobip WhatsApp inbound message (opens in a new tab) webhook model will be extended to provide information about the entry point of the message. This feature is applicable if you use click-to-WhatsApp ads or click-to-WhatsApp posts.

Make sure that your integration is able to support this feature.

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