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Last update August 31, 2022

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WhatsAppOn the web interface, you can delete templates, export templates in bulk, and upload samples for media files, placeholders, and call-to-action buttons
PeopleWebsite Visitor Insights Dashboard in People
Mobile IdentityProcess Multiple Supported Countries in Single SIM Swap Request
Apps & IntegrationsThis release includes improvements to the ServiceNow messaging app.
ConversationsWe are bringing license management improvements. Live Chat support for the Arabic language now available.
Plus, an identity field has been added to the Conversations API.


Updated Template Management in the Web Interface

You can now do the following through the web interface:

  • Upload samples for media files, placeholders, and call-to-action buttons when registering templates
  • Delete templates
  • Export templates in bulk


Website Visitor Insights Dashboard in People

We have introduced a new dashboard that allows you to leverage website visitor insights so you can see how your website visitors convert to leads and customers.

By tracking changes to profile types as your site visitors complete events, like account signup or purchasing an item, you can now visualize the customer conversion journey and gauge how successful conversion is for your website.

Mobile Identity

Process Multiple Supported Countries in Single SIM Swap Request

For an improved user experience, now all SIM Swap countries where we have coverage are supported within the same file. See Mobile Identity Services to learn more.

Apps & Integrations

  • ServiceNow messaging - Now enables rich media WhatsApp messages with images, video, audio, and document message types.


License management

We have simplified the process of license management and added licenses directly to the named user which helps supervisors have a full overview of users with associated Conversations licenses. Only a Conversations Account Manager role can add and manage licenses. This option is available under Settings > Users & Teams.

Read more on how to create licenses and users.

Live Chat widget support for the Arabic language

The Arabic language is now supported in the Live Chat widget, where the users can write right to left.

Read through how to set up your Live Chat widget and choose your preferred language.

Conversations API

Identity field added to Conversations API - WhatsApp

We have added an Identity field to the WhatsAppInboundMessage body of Conversations API - which allows for storing the identity information of a message sender.

Identity will be added to every message. Identity data will only be received if the sender has an activated identity. If identity is not activated, the sender will receive a null value.

Take a look at the WhatsApp Identity Change information to learn more.

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