Manage connection

Manage connection

Manage senders

Go to Channels and Numbers > WhatsApp > Senders tab to see a list of your senders. If you have not set up any additional senders after setup, you will see only the Infobip sandbox text sender and the sender that you provided during setup.

If you need to set up additional senders, click Request sender and provide your email address. An Infobip sales representative will contact you to set up a sender.

You can configure your sender account in the following ways:

  • Manage templates
  • Edit configuration
  • Edit sender information
WhatsApp - Manage Connection

Manage templates

View a list of message templates that you have submitted.

You can do the following:

  • View the status (approved, pending, rejected) of templates. Approved templates are live and available to use.
  • View additional details about a template: Click a template to view the details.
  • Register a template: Click Register Template. Templates must comply with WhatsApp guidelines. Also, refer to the Message Types section for the format of templates. You can upload samples for media files, placeholders, and call-to-action buttons when you register a message template. If you have completed business verification, the template is approved immediately. If you have not completed business verification, you will receive feedback about the template within 24 hours.
  • Search for templates: Use the search field.
  • Export templates: Select the templates that you want to export and click Export. You can also click select all and export all templates.
  • Export the list of templates: Click Export List.
  • Delete templates: To delete a single template, click the delete icon against the template. To delete multiple templates, select the templates that you want to delete and click Delete. You can also click select all and delete all templates.

If a template follows the guidelines listed in the Compliance and Guidelines section and the WhatsApp commerce policy (opens in a new tab), but the template is rejected, you can appeal the rejection. To appeal, follow the instructions in the Template Rejection section.

Edit configuration

You can edit the configuration for the sender.

  • You can enable forwarding of incoming messages to agents in the Conversations module and/or to chatbots in the Answers module. Enable Use Conversations to set this option. If you disable this option, you can access incoming messages through Logs.
  • If you send and receive messages over API, you can change the traffic routing by editing the URL to which incoming messages are forwarded.

Edit sender information

You can modify your company information. You can update details such as company description, contact information, and profile image.

Manage catalog

To send Product or Multi-product messages, you must connect your Meta catalog to your sender and your WhatsApp Business Account. You can either create a new Meta catalog or use your existing Meta catalog.

Carry out the following actions:

  1. Set up your catalog on Commerce manager (opens in a new tab) and add items to the catalog. For more information, refer to the Create a catalog (opens in a new tab) documentation.

To create the catalog, use the Facebook Business Account to which your WhatsApp Business Account is connected.

  1. Use Infobip's Facebook Business Manager ID, 1654519411336220, to assign Infobip as a Partner with the Manage catalog permission. For more information, refer to the Assign catalog permissions in Business manager (opens in a new tab) documentation

  2. To connect your sender or WhatsApp Business account to your catalog, contact your Infobip Account Manager or contact our Support team by using the Infobip contact form (opens in a new tab). Provide Infobip with your sender number, catalog name, and catalog ID.

Tech Provider Program

Tech Provider Program is a partnership model that brings together platforms and Infobip for a joint WhatsApp solution. It enables the platforms to present themselves as a WhatsApp Solution Provider, with Infobip handling all of the WhatsApp messaging logic in the background, from onboarding and traffic, to maintenance.


To join Tech Provider Program, contact your Infobip Account Manager or contact our support team using Infobip contact form (opens in a new tab).

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