WhatsApp is a simple, secure, and reliable channel for medium to large businesses to reach customers all over the world. Expectations from businesses and customers alike have evolved. Today people want and expect to have the opportunity to communicate with businesses directly, from chat initiation to resolution.

With 2 billion users, WhatsApp is the most used chat app and application itself around the world. Thus is an incredibly strong resource for sharing important and timely notifications, as well as real-time automated and personal customer support.

Infobip is an official WhatsApp Business solution provider and you can manage all WhatsApp communications directly within the Infobip platform across multiple modules.

The WhatsApp Business API supports a subset of features provided by the WhatsApp applications clients already know from Android, iOS, Web, and other platforms, including end-to-end encryption. The difference is that the application is deployed on a server and the client can use our API to programmatically send and receive messages and integrate this workflow with their own systems (CRM, customer care, etc.).

In addition to the API, Infobip enables businesses to use WhatsApp over the Infobip web interface. This delivers a simple solution without any integration efforts.


Rich Messaging

Dramatically speed up the collection and verification process by collecting media files over chat with customers, including images, videos, files, and more.


Let customers send you their locations in real-time in order to resolve a number of cases where they need to be located e.g. estimated arrival for a delivery.


Quickly share contact information using the built-in contact share option in WhatsApp, so that customers can get to the right people quickly and save contacts.


Easily share documents with your customers over chat without having to use older or slower methods. Example sharing; invoices, legal docs, T&Cs, etc.

Available Solutions

 conversations-iconConversations   answers-icon Answers Moments Broadcast API


Try the interactive demo now to see WhatsApp in action. Add the following number to your contacts: +44 7860 064511 and send a message saying ˝Hi˝ over WhatsApp. Or scan the QR code below.

QR Code for Demo

This demo is an example of our Answers, our chatbot building platform, set up with WhatsApp. As you use it, you will see the various capabilities of our tool when using WhatsApp as your communication channel. 

Check the actual steps on creating a simple self-service chatbot here.

If you are already signed up with Infobip and you have your credentials to log in to the web interface, you can request a free trial for WhatsApp so you can send out some test messages to see if this solution is for you.

See Free Trials for information on requesting trials for channels.

Technical Specifications

Communication is based on the WhatsApp module set of virtual machines or operating system-level containers on Infobip hardware and infrastructure, or in virtual resources on public cloud provider infrastructure, with WhatsApp installed which communications with the WhatsApp server.

The WhatsApp module is installed for each sender in a highly redundant and multi-connect environment.

Support for large enterprises and large amounts of traffic can be established on the Infobip platform as per your request. A dedicated Infobip engineer will work with you to identify your requirements during setup.

Before Getting Started

You will need to have an Infobip account to start setup. Please login or register for an account to continue setup. To activate WhatsApp as a channel, contact your dedicated Account Manager or contact our WhatsApp experts.