Additional functionality

Additional functionality

Identity change

Opt to receive a notification when an end user's WhatsApp account (MSISDN) has potentially been transferred to a different user. Thus, you can avoid sending sensitive information to the wrong user.


This feature is optional and is available only in the WhatsApp Business solution. It is not available in the WhatsApp Cloud Business solution.

If you enable this feature, you will receive user identity information with every inbound message that is delivered to your webhook.

The process flow is as follows:

Whatsapp identity change

WhatsApp unblocks your communication with the end user after you acknowledge the notification. So, acknowledge the notification only after you reauthenticate the end user.

Acknowledgement of the notification does not authenticate the end user.

For more information and an example, refer to the API request (opens in a new tab).

To enable this feature, contact (opens in a new tab) the Infobip Support team.

Search functionality for official business account

End users can use the Search function to find your official business account. To be visible in the Search function, follow one of these options:


Search functionality is available in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.

WhatsApp Payments India & Brazil


This feature is currently available in India and Brazil only.

WhatsApp Payments is a feature that supports a native checkout experience. Your business can enable customers to pay for their orders or services using WhatsApp.

Payment itself contains two components: Order details and Order status message. Business send customers invoice (order_details) message to initiate the payment. Afterwards, they get notified about payment status updates via webhook notifications. Upon receiving payment signal for an order, business relay this payment signal to the consumer through interactive (order_status) message.

Order details message is a new type of interactive message, which always contains the same 4 main components: header, body, footer , and action. Inside the action component, the business includes all the information needed for the customer to complete their payment.

WhatsApp Payments providers
BrazilMercado PagoCieloRedeGetNetPix payments

To implement WhatsApp Payments, contact your Infobip Account Manager or contact support team by using Infobip contact form (opens in a new tab).

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