Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is an application where you can create, manage, and search any content that you would like to share across your organization and/or with your customers.

Through Knowledge Base, you ensure knowledge is documented and used by both your agents and online customers. This means the Knowledge Base articles can be shared both internally and externally.

For example, you can integrate Knowledge Base with the Agent panel in Conversations, our cloud contact center solution. This helps your agents access important information like manuals of frequently asked questions when communicating and helping out customers.

Additionally, any changes in the Knowledge Base are immediately available to agents and clients on all supported communication channels in Conversations (except Email, Voice and Video, and Zalo).

On the Infobip platform, the Knowledge Base management application is a shared component of Conversations.


Knowledge Base management

Manage your knowledge base and its content. Our application offers rich text editing. Within a single UI, you can manage content and tags.

Indexing and search

All content published in Knowledge Base is indexed to allow Agents easy full-text search Context Card for Conversations.


Use unlimited repository for storing any important information like manuals, training materials, marketing campaigns, etc.

Available solutions

Technical specifications

Any text-based content created in the Knowledge Base management application is stored and indexed in the database. Any data objects like images, PDFs, Microsoft Word, or Microsoft Excel documents are stored on separate storage for easy access. However, any text-based content is copied into the database as well for indexing and search purposes.

There is tenant support within the database. Every client can then access their content.

Access content through the Knowledge Base app or Context Card in Conversations.

At this phase, no access restrictions exist to any content or activities within the Knowledge Base management application.

Knowledge Base technical specifications

Before getting started

Before getting started, you will need to have an Infobip account to start setup. Please log in (opens in a new tab) or create an account (opens in a new tab) to continue setup.

Contact our Sales (opens in a new tab) team or your dedicated Account Manager to enable Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base, as a full-featured product, is currently available with Conversations.

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