Conversations API

Conversations API

Conversations over API is a platform for cross-channel communication where businesses can interact with their customers over a single API. You can integrate a custom range of Conversations features to fulfill your needs (supervisor/admin dashboard, agent real-time communication interface, custom waiting strategy, or external bot integration such as welcome bot, mid-conversation bot, closing/satisfaction bot).

Conversations HTTP API supports the following functionalities:

  • Conversation threading
  • Channels (check out the whole Available channels list)
  • Agent, queues, and routing management
  • Call center features

Depending on your business needs, you can use conversation threading only and skip the agent, queue, and routing management.

However, if needed, you can also combine any of the functionalities mentioned above.

The solution also includes automated conversations over Moments API (opens in a new tab) or Moments using Flow on the web interface or external bots, broadcast messaging, and customer data management and segmentation over People API (opens in a new tab), and People on the web interface.

You can find the technical specifications for the API integration in our  Conversations (opens in a new tab) article under the API documentation.

If you run into any issues, contact our Support (opens in a new tab) team.

Available channels

These are the supported channels over Conversations API:

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