Infobip Email is a cloud based, all-in-one communication solution suited to both transactional (opens in a new tab) and marketing message delivery. Use Email to create rich, personalized, and responsive emails using the easy-to-use drag and drop email editor.

Email messaging is a simple way for ad-hoc one-way communication, or more advanced template management, scheduled sending, or communication flows for one-to-one and one-to-many.

Email Main Flow

This solution includes reporting, which allows you to create reports around basic statistics, such as open rates, click-through rates and more. Send emails over the web interface, HTTP API or SMTP. See more information in Technical Specifications.


Rich Design Editor

Use the drag and drop email editor to easy build good looking emails. Add buttons, images, HTML. Adjust layouts and style. And customize and preview emails for any device.


Build templates and use them as many times as needed to save time and remain consistent. The editor supports the building of rich templates in the UI or through HTML, and send them over the web interface or API.


Seamlessly personalize emails for each of your customers using attributes and place holders. Send dynamic content using handlebar helps within your HTML content, and define placeholder parameters.

Journey Flows

Use the visual flow builder to create journeys quickly, and re-use them at any time for recurring campaigns. Define targeted customer journeys and trigger sends based on certain events at the right moment.

Manage Subscriptions

Manage subscriptions automatically using the built-in footer functionality. Unsubscribe contacts are automatically detected and moved into specific lists so as to no longer include in campaigns.


Collect service quality feedback and customer engagement insights by tracking several events. Capture delivery stats, bounce rates, spam reports, link clicks, opens and unsubscribes.

Available Solutions

Technical Specifications

See a high-level overview of all components included in the process of connecting your enterprise email to Infobip and sending communications through Email.

Email Tech Flow

To send emails via Infobip, you choose a suitable method when establishing a connection.

HTTP API (opens in a new tab) – Used to send transactional emails, but in some cases, also for marketing traffic. With HTTP API you can set up a connection quickly and start sending and tracking. You can also manage the sends via Infobip send email HTTP API.

SMTP API – Used for transactional traffic only, however, this is a simpler connection to set up and troubleshoot compared to HTTP API.

ProsRapid email delivery
No blockages
Optimized security
Simple setup
Simple troubleshooting
ConsMore complex solution (requires technical skills)
Slower performance for bulk delivery
Changing email deliverability
Possible blockage of port 25

If you are sending promotional traffic having set up a connection via the web interface, be sure to use the email editor to create, optimize, manage and track promotional traffic.

Getting Started with a Free Trial

To use any Infobip product, you need to sign up (opens in a new tab) for a free account. See Create an Account for more details.

Once you create an account, you are automatically enrolled to a free trial until you run out of allocated free credits.

Upgrade to a paying account

At any time, you can decide to finish the free trial and upgrade your account. Use the UPGRADE OPTIONS button on the Home page to view available billing options.

Set up a domain

Once you upgrade your account to the paying one, you'll need to set up a domain or subdomain with which you will be sending emails. That domain will be the address which appears in the From field for your recipients. If you have an existing domain, it is recommended to use a subdomain. This is to minimize the potential impact other traffic might have on your main domain. Note that you will still be able to send emails as the main domain when using a subdomain.

If you do not have the domain set up yet, contact your hosting provider to supply it for you, then move on to the next section.

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