Monitor a range of factors around your email campaigns using Infobip built in tracking and analysis capabilities. This is useful when you want to check whether your sent emails are being received by your recipients, along with checking if they clicked on URLs in the email body, and whether they decided to unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Email Opens

NOTE: Due to the nature of email technology and how tracking capabilities differs across different providers, this should not be considered as a 100% accurate method of tracking email opens.

In order to be able to track email opens, images need to be set to be automatically downloaded recipient side. If this option is enabled, the event will be logged, and this allows you to track if emails were opened. If not, then it will not be possible.

This type of tracking provides information that is the basis for measuring and improving the email marketing strategy and its effectiveness. It gives you an overview of active recipients who interact with your emails. Addressing those users is fundamental to having good reputation and being considered a sender with good behavioral practices.

This is a common case since there are a lot of mailboxes to which images are not automatically downloaded and the receivers need to approve the download first. Because of this, tracking email opens is considered to not provide the most accurate statistics. Regardless, if the recipient clicked the links inside the email, you would have that information visible in the report since opens and clicks features are tracked separately.

URL Clicks

URL clicks are tracked by adding in trackers to URLs within the email editor. Each time a recipient opens a link in the email, the trackers redirect readers through Infobip servers and sends them to the intended web address. As the redirect is through Infobip servers, this is logged and is reported as a URL click in the campaign report.

Using clicks, we are also able to track and obtain more data about the device the recipient was on when the URL was opened. This includes the following:

  • Device type (Desktop / Mobile)
  • Device name (PC / MAC / Other / Samsung / Huawei / etc.)
  • Operating System (Windows / MacOS / Android / iOS / etc.)

The tracked data also includes details about the users' geographical location. This give marketers more context about users to target specific audiences within physical business locations. The geolocation data includes:

  • State
  • City
  • Longitude and Latitude

To generate this report, navigate to Analyze> Reports> Create Report > Performance.

You'll see a list of metrics under Performance Report Content. Select Clicks by URL and Recipients (opens in a new tab), and then click Create Report.

Analytics report email

Opens and Clicks can only be tracked if you are sending emails in HTML. Plain text emails will not track opens and clicks.


The unsubscribe link is present in all mails sent out through the Infobip platform. When clicked, they are unsubscribed from receiving further communications by being removed from the sender list.

When the recipient clicks the unsubscribe link, Infobip inserts a record into the “Do not contact list” filter. You can view the “Do not contact” list through People> Configuration > Do not contact list (opens in a new tab).

Analytics email do not contact list

Unsubscribe links are added to all email footer, whether you manually add them or not. See Footer for more information about how unsubscribe links are added to all emails.


Unsubscribe functionality applies at sender level, not domain level. For example, if you send a campaign from a generic address like [email protected], and the recipient unsubscribes, you will not be prevented from sending future campaigns using a different send at the same domain.

Add Tracking over Web Interface

Opens, clicks, and the unsubscribe features are enabled by default in the web interface.

To enable or disable tracking features, navigate to  Channels and Numbers> Email.

There you can find a list of all your registered domains and with them a Tracking column where you can see how many trackers are enabled for that domain. When you click on it, a pop-up window appears on the right where you can disable/enable tracking features.

Email Tracking Service

Add Tracking over HTTP API or SMTP API

Learn more about retrieving tracking statistics over API in the dedicated API docs (opens in a new tab). More information on getting opens and clicks over SMTP in the SMTP Specification article.


Check how your email campaigns are performing in the Analyze module. Here you can check generic stats around traffic as well as by event type.

Go to the Analyze module, Dashboard, and select Email as your channel. Set the report type to Analyze. The default view will filter analytics by Delivery in numbers, and an email breakdown by error group.

Analyze Email dashboard

You can also filter by Performance which tracks clicks over time and operating system, and Complaints & Unsubscribes which keeps track of spam report numbers and opt-out numbers.

Use the CREATE REPORT option to generate a new downloadable report for the selected filter. This will take you to the Reports tab where you can further modify and select report type and metrics further.

In the Dashboard, switch to the Communications report to see an overview of your campaigns. Here you can see the campaign status as well as come basic metrics around performance and spends.

Click a campaign to get a more detailed report of your email campaigns, as well as a preview. From here you can perform several other actions like duplicating the campaign, accessing the logs, saving as template, and downloading the HTML.

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