Templates provide a useful way to save an email to be used again for future email campaigns. It is good practice to create templates so that you can save time when building new email content.

There are two types of template that you can use for your email:

  • Content Email Template - contains the details and structure of the email content only
  • Broadcast Template - contains the details and structure of the email content, and also the rest of the email information, such as sender name, sending email address, reply-to address, subject, attachments, and so on

The data stored in attributes inside an email template is not static, and so it is easily reused and changed according to the needs of the new email content.

You have two options for creating email templates:

  • Use a predefined Content Email Template
  • Build your own Broadcast Template or Content Email Template from scratch

Predefined Content Email Templates

The easiest way to start using templates is with the predefined Content Email Templates. The predefined Content Email Templates are email designs that let you populate a layout rather than having to build it from scratch. Infobip provides a wide selection of predefined templates for you to use and customize to suit your business. For example, there are 28 predefined Content Email Templates.

To see these predefined templates, from Moments, select the Templates tab > Content Email Templates.

Predefined Content Email Templates

You'll see an overview of all the templates available to you. If you want to see more detail on the template, click Preview. To start using a template, hover over it, and click Duplicate.

You can then start editing the content. When you have finished editing, give a name for the template, and then click Save Content Template.

Note that with Content Email Templates, you can define only the content of the email body. These templates are useful for situations where you do not need all email details strictly defined within the template.

All of the Content Email Templates that you edit and save are available from the My Custom tab.

Also, if you have created a Broadcast and you are editing content with the Email Editor, you have the option of saving the email body before sending the Broadcast. You can do this by using the Save as Content Email Template option from the expandable side menu next to Done Designing. Give a name for the template, and then save the template.

Build your own template

To build your own email template, from Moments, select Templates tab, and then choose whether you want to create either a Broadcast Template or a Content Email Template. Click Create Template.

Building your own template is best suited to when you want to start from scratch or if you have been provided with an HTML file for you to import the design of your email.

Use Email templates

Both Broadcast Templates and Content Email Templates can be used while editing email content within Broadcast or Flow by selecting the Choose a Template option.

Choose a template

Also, Broadcast Templates can be used over API by using the templateid parameter. For more details on how to apply the parameter, see Send fully featured email (opens in a new tab) page.

Expired templates

If a template is not used for six months, the content expires. When a template expires, it is no longer be available for editing or sending.

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