Conversations API


Use the methods below to better manage your conversations.


A conversation is a container for messages exchanged between agents and the customer. All conversations have the following descriptions: topic, summary, status, priority, queue, agent, and channel.

Each of these parameters is optional. However, if not provided, status, priority, and channel parameters will get default values. Once created, you can tag each conversation and route it to the appropriate queue.

To learn more, refer to the how to create a conversation (opens in a new tab) section on our Infobip API docs.


You can update any conversation (opens in a new tab) property until you mark that conversation as Closed .


Use the Get method to obtain a list of conversations based on the desired criteria with pagination and filtering options.

You can filter results by including any of the optional filters you see described below.

Request example:

    "conversations": [
            "id": "37B93F4D2BA3C58B58526EAEAA1AB35C",
            "topic": "Conversation demo topic",
            "summary": null,
            "status": "OPEN",
            "priority": "NORMAL",
            "queueId": null,
            "agentId": null,
            "createdAt": "2019-04-24T11:25:41.058+0000",
            "updatedAt": "2019-04-24T11:25:41.058+0000",
            "channel": "NO_CHANNEL"


With this method, you can set a conversation to Unassigned and initiate the routing process again.

This is typically used to transfer conversations from a bot to an agent. You can create bots with the Infobip Flow feature in Moments or connect an external bot.

Note that flows are mainly used for simple IVR-style scenarios. If you want to implement chatbots as the first instance to pick up a new conversation thread and then optionally route it to Conversations ('To Agent'), check out our Answers solution.

Follow our step-by-step guide on how to connect external bots to a conversation.

Finally, you cannot route conversations that are in the Closed status. Learn more on how to set up routing.

Add and Remove Tag from Conversation

With Add (opens in a new tab) or Remove Tag from Conversation (opens in a new tab) methods you can categorize conversations for assignment or reporting purposes. The only mandatory parameter is the conversationId and the tag name.

Note that removing the tag from the conversation does not delete the tag or the conversation.

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