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Queues and routing

Queues and Routing

Queues and Routing is a great way to implement collaborative workflows, and the logic behind this depends entirely on you and how you want to implement it.

Routing is a set of rules that determine the assignment of a new conversation to a particular queue executed in a specific order.

Route consists of a set of conditions that determine the destination queue and priority for a new conversation.

Conditions are expressions defined based on the message or customer attributes and conversation tags.


  • Both queues and routes can be managed over the web interface and API.
  • Only Supervisors can create and/or change route setup.
  • Customers can be defined and stored in the People module.

You could implement queues and routing in the following scenario: Agent answers a call from an end user, then reroutes the conversation to a queue where a chatbot performs a strong authentication.

After that, the conversations can be sent to another queue where only the strong authenticated user sessions (conversations) are handled.

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