Conversations API


You can assign tags to any conversation and categorize them into topics or customer intents.

You can create tags using the Create Tag method or automatically within the journey automation flow when a conversation is transferred to agents.

You can use tags, e.g., to group similar cases, add a 'VIP' tag (where some customers are a priority) - conversation routing, or highlight for review or training purposes.


If you try to create a tag with a name that already exists in the system, you will get the following response: “STATUSCODE”: “ERROR”, “MESSAGE”: “TAG ALREADY EXISTS

You can find available tag methods in the sections below.


Create new tags (opens in a new tab) using this method. You can assign tags to conversations to categorize them into topics or customer intents. The only required parameter is the tag name.


You can delete tags at any point using the Delete tag (opens in a new tab) method.


Deleting a tag will remove the tag from all associated conversations. Bear in mind that you cannot undo this operation.


Use the Get method to retrieve a list of all tags (opens in a new tab) for your account or a specific conversationId.

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