The People module has been designed to bring all your customer data together in one place and help you create detailed customer profiles, including parameters like channel preferences, tags for precise targeting, and custom attributes to enrich profiles. The main goal of all these features is to deliver precisely targeted messages. 

When you have profiles stored in People, you eliminate the need for manual import and export of data every time you want to send a communication. This will result in less time needed to prepare messages and automation of this part of your business process. 

You can import data from a file directly to the Infobip web interface or insert it over API, depending on what option suits you better. You can also organize this data with tags, or segment the audiences using any given criteria, demographic or behavioral.


To use the Infobip web interface, you need credentials. If you already have an Infobip account, log in to our web interface. Otherwise,create an account.


Profiles Customization

Get data from any source, and create custom attributes to enhance profiles.

Duplicates Management

All the profiles are automatically merged using the contact address information to prevent duplicates and to let you keep your customer base well organized.

Audience Segmentation

Create and save filters to dynamically segment your audience based on any information that can be used for relevant, contextual targeting.

Tags and Blacklist Management

Organize your audience through tags. Manage subscriptions automatically to avoid sending unwanted messages.

Data Synchronization

Connect various data sources to sync customer profiles in one place over API or by uploading a file.


Create personalized communication journeys based on customer behavior data with the ad hoc or event-based messaging.

GDPR Compliance

Your audience information is stored securely and in accordance with GDPR.