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Google Play Store reviews

Google Play Store Reviews

A new social media channel available in our Conversations solution, Google Play Store Reviews, aims to help you:

  • Manage negative reviews and findings of your apps faster and more responsively
  • Increase customer satisfaction and engagement
  • Increase the app usage by actively resolving questions from customers

You can use Google Play Store Reviews in our Cloud Contact Center solution, Conversations.

Some of the key benefits of using Google Play Store Reviews in Conversations:

  • Ease of usage and replies to user reviews of your Google Play Store app or game
  • A single solution for all channels
  • Conversations history
  • Increases responsiveness and customer satisfaction
  • Direct engagement with users to better understand their feedback

Connect your account

To connect your Google Play Reviews account in the Infobip web interface > Channels and Numbers module located on the leftmost menu, there are a few prerequisites that you need to fulfill before you can proceed.

You need the following:

  • Google Play integration installed
  • A Google Play Developer account
  • An app that you have created and published in the Google Play store

Once you have published your app, you need to:

  • Configure the app, as well as your account
  • Upload the JSON file you have previously received to your Google Play Store Reviews configuration in the web interface

To configure your Google Play app:

  1. Go to the Google Cloud Console and create or select an existing Google Cloud Project.

    google cloud console select or create new project
    • If you are creating a new project, enter the project name. You do not need to enter the Location .
    google cloud console new project settings
  2. Next, you must enable the Google Play Android Developer API for your Google Cloud Project. Select the hamburger menu in the upper left corner > **APIs & Services.**Then, select Enabled APIs and services to open the API Library. Once there, search for Google Play Android Developer API.

    google cloud console enabled apis and services google cloud console search api
  3. When you find it, select Enable to enable the API for your project.

    google cloud console enable api
  4. Next, you need to create a service account. To do so, in the Google Cloud Console, select the upper left hamburger menu and go to IAM & Admin > Service Accounts. Then, select Create service account.

    google cloud console create service account
  5. Enter Service account nameService account IDService account description, and select Create and continue.

    google cloud console service account details
  6. In the next step, grant the service access to the project, and under Select a role choose Owner. Then, select Continue.

    google cloud console owner role google cloud console owner role continuation
  7. You can leave Service account users role and Service account admins role empty, and select Done. This creates your service account.

    google cloud console owner role done google cloud console owner role example
  8. Next, you have to create a private key for your service account. To do so, select the service account name, go to Keys, select Add key, and choose Create new key.

    google cloud console add new key
  9. Leave the key type as JSON and select Create. Your private key will be saved to your computer.

    google cloud console json key
  10. The next step is to connect your service account with Google Play Console. Open Google Play Console, go toUsers and permissions, and select Invite new users.

    google play console invite new users
  11. Enter your service account email address, go further down and under App permissions select Add app. Find your app and then select Apply. For Infobip Conversations select Admin (all permissions) and then Apply. Check if everything is correct and select Invite user.

    google play console invite user settings
  12. When the window appears and asks you to confirm, select Send invite. Then, under Users and permissionsmake sure your service account is set as Active.

    google play console active users number
  13. Next, log in, and under Channels and Numbers > Channels, select Google Play Reviews to connect your account. Enter the App name and App ID, and add the JSON key you previously saved on your computer to Service Account JSON field. Then, select Connect.

    connect google play account


Note that only text and rating (as part of the text message) are the supported message types for Google Play Store Reviews.

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