SMS (Short Message Service) is a fast and simple-to-use communication channel for delivering textual messages to mobile phones. SMS doesn’t require internet connectivity and works on all mobile phones, including feature phones and smartphones. 

SMS requires signal coverage for messages to be delivered, however, messages can be stored for up to 48 hours if the user is out of signal range and will be delivered once the users are within the specified range.

A standard SMS message can hold up to 160 characters, or 70 characters if unicode data coding is used. When more characters are used, messages are broken into parts and are reassembled when they reach the mobile phone. Due to its design, SMS cannot handle media file messages like pictures, videos, or attachments - only text characters can be used.

To activate a channel, contact your Account manager or reach out to us.


To use Infobip platform, you need credentials. If you already have an Infobip account, log in to our web interface here. Otherwise, see how to create an account.



Global Coverage

With more direct operator connections than any other messaging provider, Infobip guarantees superior performance and reliability.
Intelligent Routing

Faster and more reliable message delivery, without breaking the bank. Powerful engine finds the shortest path for every message.

Local Long number or Short Code available in more than 45 countries ready for use in minutes.
Long Messages in any Country

Send message longer than 160 characters without any additional setup and our platform will ensure they are displayed the way you intended on any device. Your messages can be in any language and our platform will auto-set the appropriate encoding to make sure your text reads perfectly on any device across the globe.
Two-Way Communication

Receive messages from your customers and use them for conversation and improving the customer journey.
Real-time Integrations

Integrate your systems with Infobip and send messages seamlessly from your systems. Receive messages in real time and process them in your system. Check our site for use cases.

Personalize each message with as many elements you need. In conjunction with our People module, you can make every SMS special.
Two-Factor Authentication

Enhance security and privacy by using Two-Factor authentication over SMS and make your authentication.
Additional Features

Use AutoResponse to automate simple processes like welcome messages and opt-in/opt-out. Our couponing service over SMS enables you to use improved use cases driving loyalty and improving customer experience.