Viber Chatbots

Viber Bots

Use Viber Bots for user-initiated two-way chats with customers.

End users can find your Viber Bot through the following options and start a conversation:

  • Using the Viber search function to find your Viber Bot
  • Clicking the Bot icon on your company profile image in your channel

Infobip offers integration with your Viber Bot, which you can use for two-way communication with customers.

Viber Bots overview


Free user-initiated messages

User-initiated conversations are free of charge.

No number retention

Uses user IDs instead of phone numbers. So, you do not need to collect and store the end user's phone number.

Richer message types

Rich message types, including carousels and keyboards, are available.

Easy opt-in

Auto opt-in when an end user contacts you through your Viber Bots channel.

Available solutions

Technical specifications

End users can search for Viber Bots channels in the Viber interface.

When an end user joins your Viber Bots channel or initiates a conversation with your Viber Bot, the end user is assigned a unique ID that is specific to that channel. Thus, Viber Bots are not phone number-based chats but are based on anonymized Viber-generated IDs. You receive this unique Viber ID, which enables you to communicate with them.

Viber Bots use session-based communication. A session starts when an end user sends a message to your Viber Bot. The session charge is applied when you send your first message to the end user. The session lasts for 24 hours from the last message sent by the end user. During the session, you can send unlimited messages without additional charge.

Any messages that you send outside this window or before you receive a message from the end user are billable.

Before getting started

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