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Business Inbox

Messages you send to the end users are organized in the Business Inbox folder in their Chats screen. This feature helps end users separate communication with businesses from communication with friends and family. Thus, end users can find important information, such as bank transaction, flight status, or delivery notification, which you share with them, in this dedicated inbox.

The Business Inbox folder is created when an end user receives a business message for the first time. By default, this folder is pinned to the top of their Chats screen. When you send a message to an end user, a notification is displayed on their device's lock screen. End users can pin the message to the top of the Business Inbox folder, move the message from the Business Inbox folder to the regular Chats screen, and can pin the message to the top of the Chats screen.

Viber Business Inbox

Commercial Account

A dedicated unified business account that hosts all business info, services, and chats on Viber under a single meta business entity, allowing end users to search and discover all the available ways to engage with a business - in one place.

With introduction of commercial account, end users can now search for brands and initiate conversation. All verified commercial accounts are marked with blue tick confirming brand information, such as name, location, phone number, website, etc.

Improved customer experience, streamlined communication via multiple channels, mini website experience, and more services creating bigger value for end user and their satisfaction.

Commercial Account

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