Viber Business Messages
Reports and insights

Reports and insights


Obtain information about the performance of chatbots, agents, and your contact center by using Infobip analytics. You can obtain reports and insights through AnswersConversationsMoments, and Broadcast.

URL shortening and tracking

You can enable the following features for your Viber channel:

  • URL shortening: Reduce the length of URLs. Example:

    Message with original URL:
    "To find out more about business messages, go to {page_842}"

    Message with shortened URL:
    "To find out more about business messages, go to (opens in a new tab)"

  • URL tracking: Track the number of times an end user clicks a URL. When an end user clicks the URL in the message body, an event is returned to Infobip. This event is recorded in reports and notifications.

You can enable URL shortening without enabling URL tracking. However, to enable URL tracking, you must enable URL shortening.

URL shortening and URL tracking are available in the following solutions:

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