If you want to find the information how are your chatbots performing, Analytics is where you can get statistical data for your chatbots.

Select Analytics tab in the Answers module.

Answers Analytics page

Overview page offers the following information:

  • User engagement with the chatbot
  • Number of active sessions (and related data)
  • Information about messages and sessions per each chatbot

User engagement

User engagement is available either as a statistic for all chatbots or as data for the selected bot. It will display the number of sessions and the average value of messages sent by the end user for each session. In order to see user engagement for a particular chatbot, use the All Chatbots dropdown list and select the chatbot you want to get the information about.

Answers analytics user engagement

Additionally, you can select to see the information for a specific period of time. Last 30 days is the preselected date range, but you can select other options from the list.

Answers Analytics overview


If any of the provided date ranges do not fit your needs, use Select range to enter the dates you prefer (here you can broaden the time range to include several months):

Answers Analytics date range

Dashboard will display the analytics for the chatbots and the time frame (depending on the selection you made):

  • Number of Total Sessions – how many times end users contacted the chatbot
  • Number of Inbound messages - messages sent by the end user
  • And the Average duration of each bot-end user conversation – the average time end users spent chatting with the bot

Answers Analytics time graph

Time period graph displays when the end users were active in their conversations with the chatbot – this graph will change according to the time range you select.

Session analytics

Session analytics data includes the graph for the active sessions and how those sessions performed. It will display the numbers of:

  • Expired sessions – meaning the user stopped replying to the chatbot
  • Agents takeover – chatbot couldn’t handle the request and the conversation was routed to the agent (automatically from Answers)
  • Go to Agent requests – the end user requested to be transferred to the agent

Answers Analytics sessions

These three types of sessions will always amount to total number of sessions – these are the possible end scenarios for each conversation with the chatbot.

For the number of exchanged messages, you will be able to see how many were Inbound (sent by the end user) and how many Outbound (sent by bot). This will show who is more talkative during the conversation.

Chatbot analytics

The chatbot analytics section gives  detailed information regarding sessions and messages divided per each bot.

Answers Analytics messages per bot

The chatbots displayed here depend on the selection you made in the Overview section. The chatbot analytics include the following:

  • Number of Total sessions - how many times end users contacted the chatbot
  • Session duration - average time how long the conversation lasted
  • Total messages number - all the messages exchanged between the bot and the end user
  • Number of Inbound messages - number of messages sent by the end user
  • And number of Outbound messages - number of messages sent by the chatbot

The combined number of inbound and outbound messages has to amount to the number of total messages.