Chatbot Settings

Bot Settings tab gives a general overview of the bot with the possibility to define the following:

  • Bot Name
  • Bot Description
  • Channel
  • Sender
  • Language
  • Escape Phrases
  • Session Timeout

Answers chatbot settings


Once you select the channel for the chatbot, you can no longer switch it to something else due to channel specifics.

All changes you make on the Settings tab are saved automatically.

  • Bot name - displays the name you gave your chatbot and can be changed here.
  • Bot Description - if you want to add a description of what purpose the chatbot serves.
  • Channel - displays available channels. The channel you selected when creating the chatbot cannot be changed.
  • Sender  - type of sender will depend on the selected channel. Once you save the sender, you can no longer change it.
  • Language – you can choose between 5 options: English, Croatian, Spanish, Other (Latin) and Other (non-Latin). Once chosen, it can no longer be changed. Only English language has support for NER (Named Entity Recognition).
  • Escape Phrases - are used to send the user back to the dialog with intent Default (used when the intent is not recognized).  You can add more than one phrase considering what is the most common way for your end users to leave conversations.

Sender number used for the chatbot cannot be used in 2-Way Flow campaigns due to possible simultaneous usage of the number by the chatbot and the Flow campaign.