URL Shortening
Register a custom domain

Register a Custom Domain

Where ever you use URL addresses, Infobip gives you the option to use shortened URLs. URLs are processed with a structured format using a standard protocol and domain. See How URL Shortening Works. Standard shortened URLs are created automatically and you cannot choose a particular domain.

The URL Shortener is a service that lets you register and verify a preferred custom domain for use within your shortened URL.

Custom shortened URLs reduce the length of your URLs with a branded domain to make them more readable and memorable.

Access the URL Shortener

To open the URL Shortener:

  1. Login to the web interface.
  2. From the left panel, select Channels and Numbers > Tools and Complinace, and click URL Shortener.
  3. You see the main URL Shortener page with a list of custom domains that you can use. URL Shortener main page
  4. From the Domains list, you can see which domains are Verified or Unverified. The three-dot menu gives you the following options:
    • View to view the full details of the domain
    • Delete to delete the domain from the list

Register and Verify a Custom Domain

To register a custom domain, use the URL Shortener.

  1. Click Add Domain.

    URL Shortener Domains List
  2. Enter a domain name, and then click Verify Domain. Infobip then checks that the domain exists and confirms ownership. You see a message saying that the domain is created successfully. The URL Shortener page shows values of the new domain and its verification status.

    URL Shortener View Domains

    You should register and configure a subdomain to be used specifically for URL shortening. Do not use your primary domain if it already has an "A" record setup in your DNS record.

    To be able to assign a digital certificate to your domain, the following CAA record value needs to be present in the domain's DNS setup: issue "your.domain.com".

    If this is not already present, then add the value in the following format:

    domain.com.  300  IN  CAA  0 issue "sub.domain.com"

  3. Check the details of the domain values:



    TypeCNAME - a DNS record type for the domain aliasTXT - a DNS record type for additional information
    NameThe chosen name for the domain. Once this name is selected, it cannot be changed. 
    Expected ValueThe value that you copy and add to your DNS records.   
    Current ValueThe value in use after the domain is verified.
    Verified/UnverifiedShows whether a custom domain has been registered and verified.
  4. To extract the values of the custom domain, you can either download the details to a file or copy the details:

    • Download- downloads the records for the custom domain into an Excel spreadsheet
    • Copy All - copies all of the records for the custom domain to the clipboard, which can be pasted elsewhere
    • Copy the individual records using the copy icon
  5. Copy the Expected Value and add them to your DNS records.

  6. Click Verify Now to verify the custom domain. When the domain is verified, the Expected Value and Current Value will match. If they don't match the domain will remain unverified.

  7. To return to the URL Shortener main page, click Continue to Domain List.

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