Chatbot elements

Chatbot elements

Chatbot elements are one of the components of a chatbot. Each chatbot element performs a specific function, such as sending or receiving messages, processing responses, or adding delay.

Chatbot elements consist of the following:

  • Core elements: Elements that are common to all channels. Example: API, webhook, and CSAT survey.
  • Channel-specific elements: Elements that are specific to a channel. Each channel has a different set of elements.
Channel elements

In the specifications for chatbot elements, file sizes (Example: audio, image, video, file) are specified in megabyte (MB) and not in megibyte (MiB). A megabyte is calculated as a power of 10 and is 1,000,000 bytes, while a megibyte is calculated as a power of 2 and is 1,048,576 bytes. Example: Windows calculates file sizes in MiB.

Some file formats are not supported in some browsers. Example: Internet Explorer does not support .mp3. Infobip recommends that you use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Chatbot elements must be added to dialogs. To add an element, drag the element to the chatbot editor.

The chatbot cannot process messages while an element is running. Example: The chatbot is waiting for a response from the Webhook element or the Delay element is running. If the end user sends any messages during this time, the chatbot ignores these messages. So, take this into consideration when designing the chatbot.

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