Simulate the Conversation

Simulator tab is where you can check how the conversation between the bot and the user will look like.


The Simulator won’t work if some of the chatbot elements weren’t configured properly.

Unable to activate chatbot, elements missing

In case the chatbot is configured correctly, click the START SIMULATION button.

Start Simulator

If at any time you want to start over, click the RESTART SIMULATION button.

Here is also where you can check how well does the NLP part of Answers work. You can use synonyms of the words you trained the bot with and see how well the bot recognizes the intent. For example, if you train the chatbot with the word baggage but the end user enters luggage.

Take a look at the training phrases that we used to train the Lost baggage intent:

Sample of training phrases for lost baggage

And here is the simulation where the user asks for their lost luggage:

Simulation of chatbot conversation


You can also simulate receiving files from the end users. Click on Send message and select what type of file you expect the end user to send during the conversation.

Simulate actions for sending files to the chatbot

Simulated actions will depend on the selected channel – not all are available on all channels.

When you are satisfied with the conversation simulation, you can activate the chatbot.