Analytics provide supervisors information and insight about their contact center by giving them an overview of their Queues, Channels, Conversations as well as Tags agents are using with each conversation. Also, these analytics show how agents are using their time (utilization) and performance of each agent and contact center in general.


Dashboard offers a visual insight into your contact center performance. You are able to view the performance of all channels in one place and breakdown by status, as well as choose the time period you want to check. 


Data displayed on this page depends on the filters selected at the top of the page. The biggest difference is introduced by the period filter.
If Right now is selected this screen will show ‘Live’ data that is representing the state of the contact center at the selected moment.
If, however, any other period is selected the data will represent the throughput of that period. 

Right Now - Live Data

Each widget shows information about conversations that are ongoing at the moment you're viewing the dashboard, as well as agents that are currently logged into the system. 

Conversations - Analytics

Breakdown by Conversations

This widget shows how many conversations are in each status with ability to filter them by origin (inbound, outbound or all). 

Waiting Time

Gives you the opportunity to put yourself in your customer’s shoes and see how long they are waiting for your services.
Values that you can find here are as follows:

  • First response time –  the time that takes an agent to respond to a conversation. Measured from the moment a conversation is assigned to them until the moment they sent their first message.

  • Response time – median time that takes an agent to respond to all messages (first message excluded).

Both of these values show minimum, maximum and median value for each metric.

Previous Period - Historic Data

Whenever you select some specific period it shows information related to conversations entering that period, being processed within that period and exiting that period.

All Conversations Breakdown

The hero graph on top of the screen provides an overview of conversations that were handled by your agents in the selected period, with the ability to filter by inbound or outbound conversations.

  • Old - the number of conversations that were created before the start of the selected period but were active during that period

  • New - the number of conversations that were created within the selected period

  • Closed - the number of conversations that were closed within the selected period

  • Not Closed/Unsolved - the number of conversations that were active but not closed during the selected period

Handling Time

Handling time for one conversation can be defined as the time elapsed from the moment that conversation was opened until its status has been changed to closed. The widget shows the median value for Handling time of all closed conversations in the selected period, as well as the number of conversations that are included in this scope.

This widget displays the distribution of all closed conversations from the selected period in predefined buckets based on their handling time.
Buckets are grouped in 3 parameters: minutes, hours and days.

Each bucket (if clicked) will directly transfer you to the All Work panel that will display only those conversations that fit into the selected (clicked) bucket.

Conversations - Handling time widget


Check your agent utilization, their performance and breakdown by status so you have all info in one place and you can act accordingly where and when needed.

Agents Utilization

Track how much time your agents spend in the system and what they are doing exactly.

This page shows the utilization of your agents, it answers the question as to what status they spend their time in and how engaged and occupied they are.
At the top is the queue and time filter by which you can look at agents that are assigned to a certain queue and see the data for a specific period.

Lear more about agent statuses.

Average Breakdown by Statuses

Shows the median value of time spent in each status. Agents that are included are those that are assigned to the selected queue.
Statuses that are tracked:

  • Logged in time – median time that the agent spent logged in the system 
  • Away – median time that the agent spent in any status of the away status group (yellow group)
  • Occupancy – median time that the agent spent in any busy or available status (red or green group)
  • Engaged time – median time that agents spent engaged with the customer.
    ►The time that agent spent in the following statuses (Under capacity, Full capacity, Ringing, In a call or Wrapping)
  • Engaged rate - median percentage that agents spent engaged with the customer.
    ►Calculated as a percentage of their engaged time in their logged in time for the selected period.

Status Distribution

Graphically shows the distribution of time spent in each status.
Statuses are grouped into 2 main groups:

  • Away - any status from Away group of statuses (yellow status)

  • Occupancy - any status from Available and Busy group of statuses (green and red) which shows that agents are either already working or ready to work on conversations

Utilization per Agent

List of agents that fulfil the selected filter, the metrics displayed in this list show the same data as the Average breakdown by status widget with some additional data. 

Conversations - Agent Utilization

Agents Performance

Track the performance of your agents by overseeing the number of conversations that were assigned to them and how responsive they are while communicating with customers. 

This page provides a performance overview for conversations that satisfy the filters that are configured. 


The widget that contains data about general performances of your contact center. These numbers are calculated as median values of all agents (their personal metrics can be seen in the widget below.

The graph below offers a graphical representation of the selected metric where the distribution of the selected metric can be seen over the selected period.

Performance per Channel

The list of agents that contribute to the numbers in the Highlights widget. This widget displays the personal performance of each agent showing the number of closed conversations, median first response time and median handling time. Also, it shows the median sentiment of all conversations that they have been working on in the selected period. 

Conversations - Agent Performance


Conversations Queues offers an insight into the performance of your queues, highlights of a particular queue you want to check, customer sentiment (if enabled on the account), customer satisfaction/feedback, etc.

Queues Overview

Check your queue performance using conversation metrics such as first response time or handling time. 


Displays the median values for Closed conversations, First response time, Handling time (and sentiment if it is enabled for the account) for all queues visible in the widget below.

Queue Details

Shows all metrics related to conversations associated with a certain queue throughout a selected period. The performance metrics are calculated for closed conversations only. 

Conversations - Queues overview

Voice of the Customer

This dashboard offers an insight into customers’ feedback that they provide after conversation with an agent over surveys.

Conversations analytics - Customer satisfaction

Overall feedback results are presented at the top and can be easily seen in two different widgets.

And the widget below offers the insight for each survey completed showing who completed the survey, which score they gave and the date when they were surveyed.

Additionally, there is an option to drill down to each user’s profile. User’s profile shows their overall satisfaction score, as well as the history of all surveys taken by the user.


Channels overview provides information about the performance of each channel enabled on the account. 

If Right now is selected as period it will show the distribution of currently ongoing conversations per their status for each channel.

If some other period is selected it will show how that channel was performing within that period; how many conversations were active during that period that were not created in it;  the number of new conversations with that channel were created in that period, and lastly, the number of conversations that were closed during that period.

Conversations - Channels overview


The one place to check all tags that have been used in conversations and how each tag performs, as well as ranking of tags used.

Tags Overview

This page shows the usage of tags and performance of conversations containing some tags you have added to your conversations.

Tag Frequency

A sorted visualization list that displays which tag is used the most, and the number of conversations containing that tag.

Performance by Tag

Shows the performance for conversations that contain a specific tag.

Conversations - Tags overview


Conversations reports offer detailed information about the chosen entity within Conversations such as:

  • Conversations

  • Conversation transcript

  • Queues

  • Surveys

  • Channels

  • Tags

  • Agents

Conversations - Create report

You can get your report on the Reports page and send it automatically to your colleagues so that anyone with the link can download it. The link will be valid until the report expires.

One type of report offers information about conversations and their attributes in a given time period.

The conversation report provides information about your conversations created in a given time period and the state of their attributes in the present time.

To create this report, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Analyze Reports CREATE REPORT

  2. Choose the Conversations Report type and select the entity you want to track.
        Depending on selected entity you can configure additional filtering.

  3. Select the date range for the report and options such as file format, recurrence, or the recipients whom you want to send the report to. 

  4. Click CREATE