Manage customers

Manage customers

The conversation is built on a combination of participants (customers and agents) and messages exchanged between those participants. A customer participating in a conversation can be known or unknown.

Customers are known if their contact number is connected to the People profile. In the case of a known customer, the agent can see the default customer attributes on the right side of their agent panel:

  • Customer name - Associated with that destination number/ID in People.
  • Gender - If associated with a person in in People.
  • City - If associated with a person in in People.
  • Country - If associated with a person in in People.


More information on managing customer details can be found using the View and Edit link in People. Agents can update customer attributes in People (e.g., change name, add destination, tags, and more).

Additionally, a supervisor can configure customer attributes in the agent panel through ConversationsSettingsCustomer Context Card.

Customer details can be configured in a way that any attribute available through People can be added to the Customer details context card. Besides adding attributes, a supervisor can choose if the agent will be able to view or edit attributes directly through the context card.

Conversations - Basic people info

When configuring attributes, the supervisor can choose a maximum of 5 attributes to be shown in customer details immediately (those are Basic attributes) and an unlimited number of Additional attributes that you can find under See more in customer details.

Conversations - Additional people information

Attributes in the customer details card will be listed based on how the supervisor has set these up in the Conversations configuration. This configuration can be changed at any time.

Conversations - Attributes in customer details card

Regardless of the customer details configuration, the agent can update customer attributes in People (e.g., change the name, add a destination, add tags).

Click the Unlink Conversation option if a wrong conversation is linked with a specific customer. A vice-versa situation is possible as well. For example, a conversation is by default linked with an unknown customer by mistake but then the agent realizes that there is an ongoing conversation with a known customer who already exists within People. In that case, the agent can link the conversation with the existing customer, and customer details will appear.

Customer context card

Here you will decide which additional customer details will be shown to agents when talking to customers. Also, decide whether you want these details to be editable by agents or leave them as fixed entities.

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