Viber Business Messages
Compliance and guidelines

Compliance and guidelines

It is important to implement measures to stay compliant when using Viber channels. Non-compliance may result in being blocked from using the communication channel or being suspended permanently.


You must obtain consent from recipients before you send them messages. Recipients have the option to opt-out or block your sender.

Transactional content

To send transactional content, you can use only text message type. You cannot use rich media.


Refer to the Message template section for country-specific guidelines.

Promotional content

The introductory message that you send to customers must not be promotional. Refer to the Viber approval section for more information.

Conversational messages


Conversational messages are applicable only to the Viber Business Messages API (opens in a new tab).

Conversational messages are messages that are tracked as part of a session. A session is a 24-hour time window that enables you to communicate with end users.

A session begins when an end user initiates a conversation.

You can reply using either a session-based message type (text, image, file), transactional, or promotional messages. If you reply using a session-based message type, the session rate is activated. If you reply using other message types, you will be charged according to the message type.

If you use a session-based message type to reply to an end user outside the session, you will be charged the session rate.

Within a session, you can send a maximum of 5 consecutive messages without receiving a response from the end user. Any additional messages, which you send without a response from the end user, are blocked. If the end user replies to any of these messages, you can send 5 additional consecutive messages without the end user replying, and so on.

You can send a maximum of 60 messages within a session. Any additional messages that you send outside the session will be charged.

If the end user sends a message outside the session, a new session starts.

Best practices

  • Do not send more than 3 consecutive messages without receiving a response from the end user.
  • Do not send session-based message types outside a session.

Local regulations

Some countries have criteria for using Viber as a communication channel or sending messages to other countries.

Message template


This message type is available only in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.

In Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, any transactional (informative) messages you send to the end users must use registered templates approved by Viber. The templates must follow a predefined message structure and follow Viber guidelines.

To send transactional messages, contact your dedicated Infobip Account Manager or contact our Sales team using the Infobip contact form (opens in a new tab).

If your business is based in any of the countries listed in this section, and you want to send transactional messages to customers who are outside these countries, you must use two accounts - one to communicate with customers within the above countries and the other for customers in all other countries.

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