Messenger by Facebook is a simple channel which enables you as a business to communicate with customers regardless of location. Linked to your Facebook business page, and supporting multiple message types, it offers a rich and personalized customer experience over multiple devices.

Messenger is a simple way for customer-initiated two-way communication to provide support and respond to inquiries. You can use various entry point to help drive user engagement. Found out more at Facebook Conversation Entry Points.


main flow for messenger


See Technical Specifications for a more detailed overview of how Messenger works with the Infobip platform and your system.


Media and Documents

Send images, audio, or video files for a more interactive customer experience. Support customer queries with the ability to sent through the relevant documentation.


Boost interactivity and ease for customers by using buttons in messages to allow quick selection of reply options.

Message Types

Implement a set of various rich message types in to your communication flows to personalize and customize the customer experience.

Entry Points

Use one of the many entry points for Messenger to maximize customer engagement.

Available Solutions

 conversations-iconConversations   answers-iconAnswers


Try the interactive demo now to see Messenger in action. Scan the QR code below on your smartphone to start chatting with our chatbot over Messenger.

Messenger QR code

This demo is an example of our Answers, our chatbot building platform, set up with Facebook Messenger. As you use it, you will see the various capabilities of our tool when using Messenger as your communication channel. 

Technical Specifications

Here you can see a high-level overview of all components included in the process of sending messages through Messenger.


tech flow for messenger


Once the customer has initiated communication with you, when responding, you as an enterprise initiate the process of sending a message towards the Infobip Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) over one of the integration options. 

Infobip CPaaS sends the message directly to the Messenger Platform API with HTTPs encryption. Incoming messages are forwarded to the client’s API endpoint or presented to agents using Conversations

Before Getting Started

Before getting started you will to need have an official Facebook business page and application. If you already have these, you can move on to Connecting to Infobip. If not, follow the Create Facebook Page and App section of Getting Started

For this, you will already need a Facebook account, make sure to do this before continuing. You will also need to have an Infobip account to start setup. Please log in or sign up for an account to continue setup.