LINE is the most popular chat application in the following countries:

  • Japan
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan

The LINE Official Account is a dedicated LINE account for your business. Use the LINE Official Account and its services to connect with your customers.

LINE offers different services based on the intended use.

  • LINE Official Notifications (LON) - Send notification messages to the end-users.
  • LINE Official Account (LOA ) - Use this service to offer customer support.

Infobip offers integration with the LINE Official Account, which can be used for both one-way and two-way communication.

LINE - high level overview


LINE Official Account Premium ID

Make it easier for your customers to remember your Official account by getting a Premium ID.

Rich Messaging

Integrate images and text into a single picture to create your messages.

Quick Reply Options

Include quick reply buttons in your messages to enable customers to respond faster.


Use SMS as a fallback option in customer journeys to make sure you are reaching customers via an alternative communication channel.

Low-cost messaging

Send notifications at a low cost and pay only for messages that are delivered successfully.


Available features may differ by solution.

Available solutions

LINE is available on the Infobip platform through the following solutions:

LINE offers different services based on the intended use.

  • For one-way communication, use LINE Official Notification to send informative messages using pre-approved templates. This service is available only over API.
  • For two-way communication, use LINE Official Account two-way service to provide customer support or send engagement campaigns. This service is available on Moments, Answers, Conversations, and Conversations API.

LINE Official Notification is currently available only in Thailand.

LINE Official Account is available in Thailand and Taiwan.

Technical specifications

Integrate your LINE solution over the Infobip API or the Infobip web interface.

LINE Official Notifications (One-way)

LINE Official Notifications (LON) is a service that allows customers to send notification messages to users by specifying their mobile numbers, without knowing their User IDs. Even though the end user has not added the business' LINE Official Account (sender) as a friend (subscribed to the channel or opted in), business can send notification messages to customers via their LINE Official Account (sender).

LINE Official Account (Two-way)

The Messaging API enables data to be passed between the Infobip Contact Center as a Service (Conversations), the chatbot building platform (Answers), the customer engagement platform (Moments), and the LINE platform.

Requests are sent over HTTPS in JSON format.

The process works as follows:

  1. The customer sends a message to your LINE Official Account, which is on the LINE platform.
  2. The LINE platform sends a webhook event to the webhook URL of the Infobip platform.
  3. Depending on the webhook event, the Infobip platform responds to the customer through the LINE platform.
LINE - technical specifications

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