Compliance and guidelines

Compliance and guidelines

It is important to implement measures to stay compliant when communicating with customers over LINE. These measures include abiding by local rules and laws about customer data protection and messaging windows.

Non-compliance may result in being blocked from using a communication channel or being suspended permanently.

Currently, Infobip offers LINE services in Taiwan and Thailand.

LINE Official Notification (One-way)


LINE Official Notification is available over API only in Thailand.

LINE Official Notification (LON) is one of the many features of the LINE Official Account that is offered exclusively to a limited number of LINE partners, including Infobip. LON is intended for sending notifications and transactional messages. LON does not allow marketing messages.

If you want to send notifications over LON, your customers do not need to opt in, that is, they do not need to subscribe to your LINE Official Account. However, LINE will ask customers to verify their identity and confirm that they agree to receiving notification messages from you without opting in.

When customers receive your notification message for the first time, the process flow for the customer is as follows:

  1. The customer receives the following messages:

    • Push notification message
    • LINE Official Account message
  2. The verification process starts.

  3. If the verification is successful, the customer receives a confirmation.

  4. The customer receives your notification message.

LINE verification process LINE - notification service (LNS)

Message templates

To send notification messages, you must register your message templates and obtain approval from LINE Corporation. Your Infobip account manager will assist you in preparing for the review process.

  • Avoid using promotional language because promotional, advertising, and marketing content is prohibited.
  • Message templates must follow LINE guidelines.

Conditions to receive LON

End user can agree or reject to get LINE Official Notification in LINE application settings.

LON consentLINE Official Account friend's statusLON delivery
Agree (on)Non-blockDelivered
Not setNon-blockDelivered (if user gives LON consent within 24 hours)
AnyBlockedNot delivered (delivery completion won't be sent)
Rejected (off)AnyNot delivered (delivery completion won't be sent)

LINE Official Account (Two-way service)

Use the LINE Official Account two-way service to send general information, sales and marketing activities, and special promotions to your customers.

If you want to communicate with new and existing customers over LINE, your customers must opt in, that is, they must add your LINE Official Account as a friend.

The service uses an ID as an identifier.

LINE two-way service is available on the Infobip platform through the following solutions:

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