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Signup process

Signup process

To use WhatsApp for business communication over Infobip solutions, you must go through the official approval process.

1. Complete the embedded signup process. You will now become a sandbox user.

2. Submit a business verification request (Optional). This step is mandatory to become either an approved sender or a verified sender. Otherwise, you will become an approved sender with limited access.

3. WhatsApp reviews your account and display name. You can now use your account for business purposes.

4. To become a verified sender, request an official WhatsApp business account (Optional).

WhatsApp Getting Started Flow

To migrate your phone number from either a direct integration with WhatsApp Business API or a different WhatsApp Business Solution Provider to Infobip, go to the Migrate Phone Number to Infobip section.

To migrate your phone number between the WhatsApp Business Solution and the WhatsApp Cloud Business Solution, refer to the Migrate Phone Number between Hosted and Cloud Solutions section.

Embedded signup

Embedded signup enables you to register a sender for the WhatsApp Business API from the Infobip website. You can then use the API over Infobip solutions.

Important information

  • Toll-free numbers or numbers under IVR: You cannot use the embedded signup process to register toll-free numbers or numbers under IVR. Contact your Infobip Account Manager or contact Support (opens in a new tab).
    If your phone number is under IVR, Infobip will request the Meta team for two numbers that you should safelist to perform 2FA (opens in a new tab).
  • ISV, SI, and third-party: If you onboard or integrate over an independent software vendor (ISV), system integrator (SI), or a third-party business, each ISV/SI/third-party business must go through the WhatsApp ISV approval process. If approved, ISV/SI/third-party business needs to sign and comply with WhatsApp terms. Contact your Infobip Account Manager for guidance.
  • Phone Number used for existing WhatsApp account: To use a phone number that is already registered in the Android, iPhone, or Business Application versions of WhatsApp, you must delete the WhatsApp account associated with that phone number to use it for a business account.
  • Organizations with Government Affiliation: If your organization has a government affiliation, you need additional approval from WhatsApp. Contact your Infobip Account Manager for guidance.
  • Read the Before Starting Embedded Signup section before you start the signup process. The section has guidelines, specifications, and other information that you need to complete the embedded signup.


  • Facebook account
  • Administrator access to your Facebook business account. Alternatively, you can create a Facebook business account during the embedded signup process.
  • Keep the following information ready:
    • Legal company name
    • Business phone number
    • Business website
    • Business email address of your representative
    • Country
    • Corporate street address
    • City
    • State/province/region
    • Sender display name. Refer to the guidelines specified in the Display Name section
    • Business category
    • Business description
  • Phone number to register as a sender. This number must not be connected to any WhatsApp Account (private or WhatsApp Business API). Refer to the guidelines specified in the Phone Numbersection
    • Access to this number to receive an SMS or a Voice call for verification

Embedded signup process

Complete each of the following sections sequentially.

Log in to your Facebook account

  1. Log in to the Infobip web interface (opens in a new tab).
  2. Go to Channels and Numbers > WhatsApp.
  3. In the Overview > Send tab, click Log in with Facebook, and log in to your named Facebook account. WhatsApp Signup Process
  4. Click Get Started. A list of permissions, which you will need to grant to Infobip, is displayed.
  5. Click Continue.

Create Facebook and WhatsApp Business accounts

You can either choose an existing Facebook business account on which you have administrator permissions or create a new Facebook business account.

To create a new Facebook business account, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the following information:

    • Legal business name
    • Business phone number
    • Business website
    • Business email address
    • Country
    • Corporate address
    • City
    • State/province/region
  2. Click Continue.

Create a WhatsApp Business profile

Refer to the WhatsApp Business profile section for more information.

  1. Enter the business display name. Refer to the Display name guidelines.
  2. If your business display name is different from your legal company name, select that option.
  3. Choose a business category from the list.
  4. Enter a description for your business. You can edit the description at any time, including after sender verification.
  5. Click Continue.

Submit sender (Phone number) for verification

  1. Enter the phone number that you want to use as your WhatsApp business number. Refer to the Phone number guidelines.

  2. Choose one of the following verification methods:

    • SMS
    • Voice call
  3. Click Send Code. You will receive a six-digit verification code through the selected option.

  4. (Optional) If you do not receive the code in a few minutes, click Try again.

  5. Enter the verification code.

  6. Click Verify.

  7. Click OK.

Your request is submitted to WhatsApp for review.

The sandbox sender is deployed and should be ready for use within 30 minutes of completing the embedded signup. You will receive a confirmation email. You can now use the number as a sandbox sender.

When you complete the embedded signup, you will get a link to submit a request for Business Verification, which is an optional process. You can submit this request without waiting for WhatsApp approval to be complete. If you complete business verification, you can add additional senders and begin messaging immediately on these senders. You can have up to 250 conversations per day on each of these additional senders. After the display name review is complete, this limit automatically increases to 1,000 conversations.

(Optional) Submit business verification

To become either an approved sender or a verified sender, you must go through business verification. Skip this step if you want to become an approved sender with limited access or if your business has already been verified by WhatsApp.

Business verification is a way for you to demonstrate to WhatsApp that your business is legitimate. Obtaining business verification offers the following features:

  • Register more than two phone numbers
  • Send templated messages to more than 50 customers daily

You can submit a request for business verification at any time. But Infobip recommends that you submit the request after you complete the embedded signup.


Prepare the required documents. Refer to the Documents for Business Verification section to identify acceptable documents.

Business verification process

  1. Click the Business Verification link, which you receive when you complete the embedded signup.
  2. Complete the verification steps (opens in a new tab) in Facebook Business Manager (opens in a new tab).

WhatsApp reviews your request and approves it if it is compliant with their policies. You will receive a notification in Facebook Business Manager.

Receive WhatsApp approval

To obtain access to the WhatsApp Business API, you must meet WhatsApp's requirements. WhatsApp will verify the account and display name, and verify whether your business is compliant with their Business Policy (opens in a new tab) and Commerce Policy (opens in a new tab). If your business is compliant, WhatsApp will approve your business account for use.

Display name rejection

You can check the status of the display name approval in Facebook Business Manager (opens in a new tab). For a rejected display name, you can also view the reason for rejection. If your display name is rejected, contact your Infobip Account Manager and provide a new name that follows the guidelines.

(Optional) Request Official Account (Verified Sender)

Skip this section if you do not want to become a verified sender.

Verified senders get a verified badge next to their company name in WhatsApp. Being a verified sender gives customers confidence in your brand by letting them know that Meta has made sure that your company is legitimate.

The sender verification process for verified senders is an additional level of WhatsApp approval. It is different from the standard WhatsApp approval.


You must get your business verified by Meta.

Request process

To become a verified sender, you must have an official WhatsApp business account. To request an official account, do one of the following:

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