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Last update November 30, 2022

What's New?Learn More
ConversationsImprovements in Live Chat.
Email sender customization options.
Voice and VideoCheck out various improvements we are introducing in the Calls API channel.
MomentsURL Tracking added for LINE in Moments.
PeopleEvent Aggregates functionality has been extended.
WhatsAppIf your business is in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, or the United Kingdom, you can enable end users to search for your official business account.
There are changes to the template approval process.
If templates contain potential spam or scam content, the WhatsApp Business Account is locked.
EmailNew Accordion widget in the Email Editor.


Email sender customization

When setting up your Email communications, you now have the option to enter any name as sender in Email communications. Make your communication more personal, or, where needed, keep it formal.

Support for multiple conversations on mobile from the same user

This feature already exists in the web instance, we are merely expanding this to be available on mobile as well.

Multithreading means that users can now create more than one conversation and agents are able to see that there are multiple open conversations from the same user. This allows for more flexibility and better customer experience as users do not need to open multiple queries to resolve their issues. It also gives more flexibility to the agents as different agents can handle different topics wherever applicable.

Voice and Video

This month brings forth some nice improvements in Voice and Video, namely the Calls API channel.

Calls API enables developers to create any desired call scenarios for their applications.

Send multiple(bulk) calls

You can now send multiple calls through Calls API.

This feature allows you to create multiple calls with a single request using our new bulk API methods. You can set a validity period and schedule these for later, as well as halt, restart, cancel, or reschedule any of these.

Media streaming

With the Calls API, you can filter audio during calls. Remove any nuisance background noise, including voice changers, and input live call transcriptions using an external service.

You can also send the audio stream of calls To/From any endpoint type including WebRTC, phone, Viber, and SIP.

Learn more about media streaming in Calls API.

Transfer calls between applications

You can switch between calls in separate applications without any disruptions.

Without using intermediary numbers, you can transmit a live call between two applications created with Calls API.

The primary and receiving apps receive real-time progress updates regarding the call transition.

This makes for uninterrupted transfers in call-switching scenarios, e.g., an IVR-type call being transferred to a call center-type call.

Read more on how to transfer calls between applications (located below Call flows and just after the Conference flow paragraph).


URL Tracking added for LINE in Moments

You can now view LINE message data directly from within your Flow.

Hover over the LINE element in an active Flow to see URL tracking statistics and act on the results.


Event Aggregates functionality has been extended

In this release, we have added more event aggregate functions including count distinct, first, last, and most common to name a few.  We also give you the option to exclude the first or last event in your calculation for even more flexibility. Take a look at Event Aggregates to learn more.


Search Functionality for Official Business Account

If your business is in Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Mexico, or the United Kingdom, you can enable end users to search (opens in a new tab) for your official business account.

Changes to Template Approval Process

If you have completed business verification, your template is approved immediately. If you have not completed business verification, you will receive feedback about the template within 24 hours. For more information, refer to the documentation for the API or the Web interface.

Templates with Spam or Scam Content are Locked

If Meta detects potential spam or scam content (opens in a new tab) in a template, Meta locks the WhatsApp Business Account for 3 days. If the potential spam or scam content is detected multiple times, Meta deactivates all your existing WhatsApp Business Accounts.


Accordion Widget in Email Editor

The Email Editor has several kinetic features that add interactive content to make your emails more exciting, and impactful. Kinetic features aim to give a website experience without the need for the recipient to leave the email.

The Accordion widget is a new kinetic feature in the Email Editor for creating collapsible sections when displaying the content in a small area, saving you space in your email message and making longer messages easier to read for the recipient.

You can design the message text in separate drop-down sections so that when the recipient receives the message, they see each section as a title. The recipient can then expand the collapsed text only if they wish to read the detail.

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