Release Notes
December 2020

December 2020

Last update December 14, 2020

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MomentsDecember 2020 improvements bring more ways to track, test, and create communication with Moments.
EmailFooters are now present in all email communications.
ConversationsNew channels (Telegram and Google Business Messaging - Early Access). Voice and Live Chat updates. Agent productivity improvements, including new Conversations Mobile App (Early Access). Customer and manager experience improvements.
New channels - Telegram and Google Business Messaging
Facebook Messenger Carousel, Rich card and Send button
Live Chat new functionalities
CSAT element
Close session
VoiceImproved Voice detailed reports
Downloadable Recorded video files
New option to upload recorded files to FTP server

Moments Improvements

There are now numerous additional features and methods to help you create communication that is based on various possibilities for tracking and analyzing the behavior of different audiences!

A/B Testing

Divide your audience into two or more testing groups in Flow or Broadcast and send each group a message with a different subject, content, or another variable that you want to test. See which version performed the best and send the winning version to the rest of your audience.

Active Flow Editing

If you already launched your Flow and want to modify the content or add another scenario, you can now do that using flow versions. Your past versions will remain available through the Version History, and you can compare the performance of old vs. new setups.

Improvements in Lists

If your customers are using multiple products, for example, several subscriptions, loans, or loyalty cards - they can be stored neatly as objects in a single list, and they can now be sent inside the SMS or email messages. We added Mobile SDK as another method to manage lists.
Use lists to personalize campaigns, such as a time-triggered communication motivating the customer to renew a single subscription. There are numerous ways to apply this feature, so make sure to take a look at our Docs for inspiration.

Huawei Messaging Services

Infobip now supports Huawei Messaging Service (HMS). Changes in mobile SDK bring all popular Moments features like event tracking and automated customer journey communications to users owning Huawei devices and downloading applications from the Huawei App Gallery.

New Internal Events

We are now tracking additional types of Internal Events:

  • Enter Flow and Exit Flow . You can see which users are part of the communication flow or were part of one such flow in the past. The information about these events is shown in the People module. When in there, click a person profile card and then Events.
  • Attribute Changes. If a customer had an attribute assigned, for example LoyaltyLevel, and the value of that attribute changed from Noneto Premium, the system will record this change as an internal event. You can see the changes when you navigate to People > Events.

Update Person Profile

Update customer information directly in Flow by including specific values for information such as address change or items they purchased, an area where they moved, names of purchased items, and more.

The Last Contacted Attribute

The Last Contacted attribute now exists per communication channel, which means that you can see when you most recently sent a message to a customer via Push, SMS, Email, or other channels.

Merge Contact Data

Merge duplicate profiles for customers that entered your database using different channels (email, phone number, Facebook ID, etc.).

Event Analytics

In addition to manually selecting parameters for Funnel Analytics or Events Segmentation via Create Segment, you can now also use the*Add Segment*if you want to analyze a previously created customer segment.
There is an additional feature under the Conversions by peopletable view in Funnel Analytics. It lets you manually assign a tag to people that belong to the same stage in the funnel.



Footers are now included in all email communications and are required to contain basic information about your company (company name and address, as well as an unsubscribe link). Footers will now automatically be added to emails upon sending. Read more about Infobip footers.


We are constantly working on bringing new updates to our Conversationsproduct, and this time is no exception! Check out various improvements we have made to enrich customer experience even further.


New Channels

We enriched our contact center with new channels you can add to meet customers wherever they are. Find new Google Business Messages [Early Access], a Google mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites.​ 
Also, from now on, you can enable Telegram for your contact center, one of the fastest-growing chat apps in the world.

Voice Updates

We are bringing new improvements in Audio and Video Calls in Conversations.

With a new Generate Call link option in Conversations, create and send the link to your end user, which will take them to the branded, hosted page where they'll be able to start a call with your business.

Recordings storage changes, and now you can push recordings from Conversations to your FTP server.

New Working hours specifically for Call Center will help you define different Call center hours than the ones for digital channels.

Live Chat Updates

Experience improvements in Live Chat Greeting messages, which, together with Quick replies, will be visible to Agents from now on.
Also, in the Greeting message, you can include attachments such as images and GIFs. Additionally, we introduced a new design for the Live Chat Demo page.

Agent Productivity

Mobile App (Early Access)

Conversations Mobile App with basic functionalities is ready for Early Access on Android devices. It will provide a fast way for your agents to access My Work and connect with your end users and answer their queries even when they are away from their desktops.
If you would like to join Early Access, please contact your Account Manager.

Actionable Customer Context Cards

Now, Agents can quickly send information to third-party systems using Context Cards forms. It enables them to send important information to external systems (such as comments, loyalty points, etc.) and provide better efficiency.

Customer Experience

Omnichannel Waiting Strategy

Create a waiting strategy on any channel by combining the welcome, waiting, and the last message sent for conversations that are not assigned to agents.
Show great customer care by letting customers know that they are not left alone and that somebody will answer their inquiry as soon as possible.

Manager Experience

Conversations Change Logs in My Work

Track insight into changes on the conversation level with Change Logs in My Work panel regarding the most important information, such as conversation status, priority, queues, and tags. It will tell if and which changes were made by Agent, Supervisor, or Automation and ensure better visibility and transparency about each conversation.

Download Transcripts in All Work

Transcripts now comes with new options to find conversations using extended filters, select targeted conversations, and download a transcript
Transcripts can be used for better control, training, and upgrading customer experience.

Reports and Analytics Improvements

We added new channels to all parts of Analytics and Reports - filter all work and create Reports specifically for them.

Also, we are introducing performance improvements that will influence faster loading of all dashboards.

We enriched Reports by adding new data: sentiment​ per conversations, agent username, custom statuses​, conversations assigned to other agents, and conversations assigned from other agents​.

We improved Report Frequency with the hourly option – generate recurring reports each hour.

New Reports and Analyticsimprovements will ensure better control and tracking of agents' activities and performance.



Dive deeper into your chatbot behavior and statistics with new advancedanalytics features.

Use our new, improved analytics to track peak times, user sessions specifics, conversational experience and possible glitches and general user satisfaction with the chatbot experience.


Answers now offers Google Business Messaging and * Telegram* for chatbot deployment, in addition to all previously available channels.

Use Google Business Messages to create rich messaging experiences and attract customers, consequently driving business results.

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging application well known for its strong data security features through message encryption, speed, simplicity, and open APIs.

Messenger Carousel, Rich card and Send button

Use Facebook Carousel and Rich card to showcase your products or services and offer more details to your customer. Enable easy product selection by usingbuttons.

Live Chat functionalities

Configure buttonsor quick replies in Bot sends elements to define instant replies that are instantly clickable to users. Can be used for scheduling and steering users to possible answers.


Use CSAT element to learn more about your end users’ satisfaction regarding their chatbot experience. Choose between available scoring scales and add a feedback question when needed. Once configured, check the users feedback in User Analytics section.

Close session

Close session element allows you to configure a natural ending to a chatbot conversation where you feel one would be appropriate. If the end user sends a new message to the chatbot, that will start a new session, the conversation cannot be continued after this element.


New Voice and Video improvements are here to round the year in a fashionable manner! We are working on delivering the best possible solution to our clients so that you are not missing out on any big features.

Detailed Voice and Video Reports

We have improved our reports in such a manner that you can now generate a report of all available Voice and Video data via a single button. 
You now have all inbound and/or outbound data ready in a single Excel sheet.
To generate your report, you have additional filtering options:

  • By voice specific statuses
  • By specific Voice features

Download Video Recorded Files

Besides streaming recorded videos, we have introduced the option to download recorded video files as well. 
Configure the download option and allow some time for the video recorded files to be processed after which they will be available for download either via web interface or API (opens in a new tab).

Upload Recorded Files to FTP Server

As a precaution, recorded files are always stored on the Infobip platform. However, now you have the option to upload these to your FTP server after the files have been recorded.
Configure the FTP server on the Voice or Web and In-App Calls section of the Infobip web interface. 
After you have configured the server, enable the Upload Recordings to FTP toggle on the Recordings page (either Voice or Web and In-App Calls) and you are all set.

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