Person Profile

Build rich profiles for each customer so you can create audience segments and use them for more precise audience targeting. The People module also contains features that let you manage duplicate information from user profiles and import customer information over API or a file.

Inside the Person Profile, you will find information related to a specific customer, including their first name, last name, date of birth, contact information, tags, etc. Plus, there is an option to enter custom attributes.
Target People Person Profile

Standard Attributes
These fields are predefined and can be accessed by the Infobip API and web interface users.
Example: First NameLast NameGenderBirthdayAddressExternal ID.
Custom Attributes
Configured per account and given a custom name, they can be used to additionally describe a person and their behavior.
Example: Contract Expiry DateAnniversary, or similar.
Contact Information

Used for targeting audiences and contacting people, this section contains two types of information:

  •      Those modified by the user - Email AddressesPhones via API and Portal
  •      For preview only - Push registrationChat App profiles, etc

For grouping and organizing people into lists based on their interest in some services and sorted by importance, attribute, or by some other input. Tags can be accessed and set by the Infobip API and web interface users.

Create a Person Profile

To build a person profile use our web interface or People API. This section will be your quick guide on how to do that.

Web Interface

Inside the People module on the web interface select ADD PERSON and fill out the following:

  • Contact information - one or more phone numbers and email addresses

  • Standard and custom attributes - use predefined and/or create new 

  • Tags - apply an existing tag to the person or create a new one

create customer profile

People API

With People API you can use the following person methods:

Import File


importing user information
One way to import data into the People module is to use a file where you have stored the customers` information. The file can be up to 15MB, and we support .csv, .xls, .xsls, .txt or .zip (the 15MB size limitation applies to an uncompressed file inside the zip, not the zipped file itself). 

To import a file, follow these steps: 

1. Navigate to People > IMPORT PEOPLE.

2. Select a file from your system and map your file data with portal fields. 

3. When you are done with column mapping, click ANALYZE.


You can add country prefixes to your phone number selection, an option from the fourth Options column. If you want to skip certain fields, leave them as unmatched and the system will not import them.  

4. Select one of two options to resolve duplicates:

  • DISCARD – Remove duplicate records from a file and do not import them.

  • RESOLVE AUTOMATICALLY – Merge duplicate records into one Person. 

5. To start the import process, click IMPORT. The import time depends on the amount of data. You will be notified once the file has been uploaded.

Removing duplicate records


You can add tags to organize data: click the Tags button and select a tag. Additionally, the system will auto-tag each import so you can track what was imported.

Import over API 

People API connects your website, CRM, or app with the Infobip platform. It lets you create/update/remove person profiles, create and assigns tags to people profiles, and create per-person custom attributes.importing profiles over API Use our API if you want to completely eliminate the need for manual import of your audience lists into the Customer portal, reduce the time for preparing campaigns and automate that part of your business process.

Here's how to start:

  1. Create API key if you don’t have it yet.

  2. Use People API to synchronize profiles between your system to Infobip.

  3. Organize your audience using Tags and segment them with any filter you need.

  4. Create and launch your targeted campaign.


After the profile synchronization has been set, you can see the benefits of the Flow communication that will be automatically triggered after the person profile has been updated and specific conditions have been met.

Resolve Duplicates

When importing a file into People and a duplicate appears, choose whether you wish to discard or auto-resolve the duplicated data. If discarded, the duplicated data won't be imported into the system.

And how does auto-resolve work? 

Let's say you have two entries that share the same phone number inside your file and one person with the same phone number in your People database. The first image shows file data  where 2 rows share the same phone number: 

auto resolve duplicate information

People data where one person already has this phone number: 

duplicate records example

When you select to Auto Resolve duplicates, the system will do the following: 

1. Find all the duplicate records inside the file. (In this example, rows 1 and 2 share the same phone number but have different email addresses and names.)

2. Find if there already is a person with the same number or email address inside the People module, on the People page. (In this example, phone number 385911234567 already belongs to Person ID 2649 in the People module.) 

3. Merge duplicate records inside the file into one row with the phone number 385991234567 as the basis for this action. 

4. Merge from the file. Person ID 2649 with phone number 385911234567 is the basis for this action.  As a result, you will have one person Person ID 2649 with the name John Doe, phone number 385911234567, and two email addresses (from file rows 1 and 2, because we can store multiple email addresses or numbers per person). 


multiple email addresses inside one profile


When there are differences in data types that support only one value (e.g., first name, last name, country, date of birth), we save the most recent entry. When there are differences in data types that support multiple values (destination, phone number, email), we save all entries because a person can have multiple email addresses and phone numbers.

Merge Profiles

Sometimes a customer will enter your customer base via 2 different channels and have 2 different profiles: one based on their phone number and another one on the email address or Facebook ID. To streamline your communication, we recommend that you find these `duplicate` profiles and merge them.

  1. In the People module, there is a List view showing all profiles. Select the ones you want to merge and click Merge.


merging profiles on data platform

You can also select one profile and then search for another one that belongs to the same person.

merge customer profile on cpaas

  1. Decide what information you would like to keep in the final, merged profile; at least one contact information field has to be selected. Only duplicated fields will appear in the side panel. The field that exists only within one of the profiles will be automatically added to the new, merged profile. To view these fields, click Show more

select information when merging profiles


In the current version this feature, Events and Conversations are not supported. This means that after the profiles have been merged, all the events and conversations will be erased.