Release Notes
June 2021

June 2021

Last update June 30, 2021

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AnswersSynonyms now supported.
WhatsApp voice messages now supported.
Spanish and Portuguese now supported for NER chatbots.
Native authentication on Live Chat now supported.
ChannelsReporting and analytics improved for Email.
SMS connectivity and coverage updated for Europe and Africa.
WhatsApp message limitations added.
ConversationsAgent profile changes.
Instagram Direct Messaging (Early Access).
Mobile app improvements.
Calls API.
New Knowledge Base features.
FormsIntroducing Forms!
Use Forms Editor to create and embed forms.
Decide how you want to process data.
Engage and analyze your audiences.
MomentsNew integration feature available in our visual communication builder.
Improvements to message sending speed.
PeopleNew profile types in People: Leads, Customers, and Companies.
Various integration options for each of these.
VoiceAutomated replies for Missed Calls.
New IVR elements.
Recordings page redesigned - video download on demand available.


Synonyms Now Supported in Intents

You can now add synonyms to your important words in chatbot intents. This eliminates the need to add intents separately when trying to capture all similar words.

Chatbots will now treat important words and the synonyms you provide as the same (e.g., hi, hello, hey, good day).

WhatsApp Voice Messages Now Supported

Chatbots now have the ability to receive voice messages over WhatsApp and convert them from speech to text, which can then be matched against chatbot intents and attributes.

Chatbots can in turn respond to customers using text-to-speech functionality in any selected language. For this, a new Voice element has been added to the Answers where you input custom text.

Spanish and Portuguese Now NER Enabled

Support for Spanish and Portuguese has been added for NER-enabled chatbots. You can now create AI-driven chatbots beyond English!

Live Chat Authentication Now Supported

Native authentication when using Live Chat as your channel is now supported in chatbots. Make sure your Live Chat is authentication enabled, and use chatbot conditions to handle authentication.


Message Types and Limitations

Message type limitations have been added to give you a clear understanding of which media types you can use for your WhatsApp messages and at which point.


Analytics Upgrades

The Analyze module for email has been improved with more reporting and insights options. You can now see metrics by email delivery, performance, and complaints & unsubscribes.

You can now also switch views to get a more detailed view of individual email campaign performance using the Communications option.


International Coverage and Connectivity Updates

Information is now available for more countries for SMS coverage and connectivity. Terms of use for European and African countries have been added.


Instagram Direct Messaging

A new social media channel for direct messages - one of the most popular social media platforms - Instagram. With Instagram DM, you can directly message an Instagram user and thus increase customer engagement, improve brand value and create better user satisfaction for your brand.

Instagram DM is available as Early Access in our Conversations full solution. If you wish to try it out, please contact your dedicated Account Manager.

Agent Profile Changes

A refreshed agent profile section! Providing you with an overview of the agent’s information, settings, and analytics profile.

Agents are able to see their own information in read-only mode, whereas Analytics managers can see the analytics part of the profile. Users with the Manager role can see the complete profile information and edit them.


Email in Conversations is now in the General Availability phase. A full set of features required for agents to have two-way conversations with customers is in full force. Also, CC and BCC options are available.

Moreover, we have implemented various UX improvements for an effortless agent experience.

Mobile App

This release brings you the ability to better manage conversations directly from mobile:

  • Switch assignee
  • Change queue
  • Update topic
  • Add summary
  • Add tags
  • Change sender and recipient

Chat Apps - WhatsApp Stickers for Inbound Messages

The new release brings new stickers! Agents can now receive and view WhatsApp stickers from end users inside the agent panel. Therefore, there will be no lost content - resulting in a better customer experience.

Calls - API

You can now integrate Infobip Conversations Call Center into your solution using our Calls API features.

Specify the wrap-up time period, create and modify a waiting strategy, define waiting hours and away messages for calls. Use Conversations Call Center APIs to set up the recording configuration on a global and agent level.

This addition builds upon our previously available Conversations APIs and InfobipRTC SDKs to offer an easy and effortless enhancement of your applications with modern call center capabilities.

NOTE: We plan on introducing the Callback and Call Transcription features in our next release so stay tuned!

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is now richer with the following features:

Additionally, some of the honorable mentions are not released but we plan on adding these in the next release:

Social Media - Google Play Store Reviews

You will be able to use Conversations to handle reviews of your apps published in the Google Play Store.

Customer Context / Agent Experience

Integration with CDP (Leads/Customer) - We plan to introduce more types of audience profiles so it's easier for agents to determine which particular type of user is getting in touch with your brand, whether it is a lead or a customer.

Live Chat - All conversations that were previously called conversations with Visitors will now be conversations with Leads. Agents will always be able to differentiate if the current live chat conversation is trusted and whether that particular conversation has a potential lead if additional information can be collected for further nurturing and engagement campaigns.


Grow audiences using data gathered through this simple yet powerful tool. Infobip Forms are easy to create and embed into your web pages and will help you to learn more about prospects and nurture them to conversion.

Main features:

  • Forms editor - set up everything, from the forms fields and layout to the processing rules and embedding the final form to your web page.
  • Forms API - flexible capabilities for integration and collection of detailed information through forms.
  • Performance - the form performance numbers will help you understand user behavior and adapt accordingly. No guesswork involved at any stage. Plus, use Forms data and events together with People Analytics to analyze the entire funnel.

Once all is said and submitted, engage audiences at just the right time based on their interaction with forms.


June is the month of new integration capabilities, greatly expanded reporting possibilities, and more.

Salesforce Element in Moments

When building a communication, you can now add a Salesforce Campaign Sync element to it for a direct flow of data between Moments and Salesforce. Use the benefits of the integration between the two platforms to see campaign results and return on investment data in Salesforce.

Message Sending Speed

The latest improvements to this feature will let you send the messages in batches, without additional message distribution rules.


New profiles are a major addition to our People platform. You can now gather leads without a need for too much dev involvement, and convert them based on their behavior.

New Profile Types

Businesses need to learn more about potential clients to be able to convert leads into paying customers using various marketing automation techniques. To help with this task, we are introducingleadand customer profiles.

This is what you can do with these new profile types:

  • People users will be able to collect and store leads and customer profiles and create audience segments.
  • Moments users can collect leads and nurture them via engagement campaigns.
  • Forms work great with different profile types to help achieve conversion.

Integration for New Profile Types

Synchronization possibilities have been updated as well. Use any of the tools available to create leads or update customer profiles:

  • Web Interface
  • People API
  • Web SDK
  • Mobile SDK
  • External


To help you communicate with several companies at once when you want to quickly inform businesses about an upcoming outage, maintenance, or sales promotions, there is a new object called Companies. Besides sending messages, you can also use it to filter and segment audiences based on the company they belong to.

Company profiles can be synchronized between the People and Salesforce platforms.


Automated Replies for Missed Calls

Available over the web interface, you can now set up automated replies for your missed calls. This means you can define any inbound call as a missed call, and as a result, the Infobip platform sends a response to the end user based on your platform configuration.

New IVR Elements

Added new IVR elements: Dial to SIP Trunk and Dial to Conversations. You can use these elements to further enhance communication with your end users and provide an excellent customer experience.

Recordings Page Redesigned

The Recordings page has been redesigned. It now shows the video icon for video-recorded files, as well as the audio files. New statuses detailing each column (video and audio).

Video Download on Demand

Now you can download a single file or choose in bulk and download away! It's been made easier for the end user with a single aim to cut costs on file downloads.

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